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Re: TEENS -- About that "parental blocking" nonsense...

Von: Anonymous (cripto@ecn.org) [Profil]
Datum: 01.12.2008 16:39
Message-ID: <20081201153941.8C5321A72F1@isole>
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"(¯`·.¸Craig Chilton¸.·´¯) NO FACTS Support
RRR Cult's Hate-Agendas! " <xanadu222_@mchsi.com> wrote in message
>     This might give you a good START at REVERSING that, in
> case you're being subjected to it:
> http://video.aol.com/video-detail/amazing-school-and-parental-block-hack/784383918
> http://
> video.aol.com/
> video-detail/
> amazing-school-and-parental-block-hack/784383918
>     Have you seen those INANE commercials on TV that show a
> dowdy-looking (w)itch telling TV characters that she's blocking
> their shows because they might give her kids "nightmares?"
>     Hey!  Enjoying some good nightmares is part of the enjoyment
> of being a kid!  (As an adult, I haven't had one in decades!)
>     One nice thing about being a teen in today's technological
> society is the way so many of you can be SKILLFUL at HACKING.
>     So come up with some neat ways to hack and UNDO those
> "blocks," and add 'em to YouTube and other Internet sites.
> Your peers and your younger siblings and friends will thank you!
>     FIGHT censorship!
>         --    (¯`·.¸Craig  Chilton¸.·´¯)
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Your solution is "PING"?!

You must be a complete newb.

To everyone else, if you haven't already, create an IPSec policy to block all ICMP
traffic, allow only that originating from your help desk computers. And specifically block
our immature little friend's domain.

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