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Top 5 Hidden Destinations in Colombia

Von: Marcela Colombia Travel Blog (colombia.travel.marcela@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 22.01.2010 18:01
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Hi all! I'm Marcela and would like to share with you my most recent
post of my Colombia Travel Blog about my 5 favorite hidden spots in my
beautiful Colombia.

Here it goes...

From the caribbean to the Andes, Colombia is an unseen treasure.
Cartagena, San Andres, Bogota, Medellin  are all more or less well
known Colombia destinations, they are unique and you should definitely
put them in your Colombia "places to visit" list, but this time I want
to use my Colombia Travel Blog to share a few words about what I
consider to be the top 5 hidden destinations in Colombia, fantastic
and almost unseen places perfect for those that have a little more
time and are willing to explore beyond regular travel agencies'
Colombia Tours.

1. Cano Cristales.
To the south west of the country, in the National Natural Park of
Serrania de la Macarena you will find the "7 Colour River". One of the
most spectacular and untouched rivers in South America. Its coulors,
endemic species together with the joyfulness and kindness of the
locals, makes this place an unreal experience.

2. The Lost City of the Tayronas.
Walking to the Lost City is like going back in time. This remote and
exotic archaeological site is located on the Sierra Nevada de Santa
Marta which, by the way,  is the world's highest coastal range.  The
Lost city of the Tayronas is actually bigger than the Amazing Machu
Picchu (and far far less crowded ;) )

3. Guajira.
This area  has a rich mixture of coulors, sand, salt, sea and a
vibrant comunity, the Wayuus. This enormous department is located to
the north east of Colombia, boarder with Venezuela.

4. San Agustin y Tierradentro.
Another fantastic archaeological site with more than 300 statues  that
was declared a  World Heritage site by  Unesco in 1995.

5. Tayrona National Park.
Voted second amongst the top 10 beaches of the world  by the Guardian
news paper in 2007. This romantic and hidden spot is located on the
Caribbean,  only a couple of hours drive from Cartagena.

There you are! Those are my Top 5 Colombia hidden spots, I'll write
detailed posts about each of them in my future entries. If you want to
know more about any of them, as always you know you just  have to
leave a comment.


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