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White Beach at Boracay Island on Holy Week

Von: Nigi Nigit Too (yukicharlishii@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 20.02.2010 08:27
Message-ID: <917d5f37-80a5-4c1d-b8bd-ede7d5214826@m27g2000prl.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.travel
You know what would go best on a vacation on holy week? The white
beach in Boracay Island which is about 4 kilometers long and ringed
with Boracay hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other tourist spots is
a great place for winding down on holy week. The clear ocean current
and tranquil ocean floor makes it suitable for swimming or just wading
under the clear blue sky. Just the tranquil place to meditate away.
And after spending the day exploring the beach, you can enjoy a
tranquil night at the restaurant and beachfront bar. For more
information, please visit http://www.niginigitoo.com/

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