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Party in Colombia: My top 5 rumbeaderos in Bogota

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arty in Colombia: My top 5 rumbeaderos in Bogota

Colombia is the only  place in the world in which " rumba" means much
more than the musical rythm known as, well..." rumba". Lets see how
can we define " rumba" ... a simple translation could be "to party" ,
but " rumbear"  can also mean:

1) Going out for a drink.
2) Going dancing.
3) Going to a gig.
4) Singing away in a Karaoke.
5) Going to someone's house for a party.
6) 1 + 2
7) 5 + 4
6) 3 +1 + 2
7) 5 + 1 + 6 + waking up next day in a farm with a killer hangover.
8) 7 + ... well, I guess you get the idea.

So, in the very tough mission of recommending the best 5 places to
party or " rumbear"  in Bogota, my home town, the humble writer of
this Colombia Travel blog has taken the freedom to divide the city in
5 highly recommended night life and party areas for educational
reasons, all of them in northerm Bogota where you'll find a lot of
options for you to enjoy a nigh out, from salsa or electronic music
through a quite glass of black beer.... bars, pubs, restaurants, and
coffee shops.... the whole lot.

La Zona T.

Located in Calle 83 and Cra 13  is called T because is made of two
pedestrian roads which have a T shape. La zona T is a great place to
have a few drinks before going to the nearby discos, or just to seat
on one of the many terraces to see people walk passed. In la zona T
you'll not only find loads of bars and restaurantes one right next
door to the other, but also, 3 of the best shopping malls of Bogota:
Centro Andino, Atlantis Plaza (with Hard RocK Coffee Bogota) and El
Retiro which holds various upscale boutiques such as Lacoste, Louis
Vuitton, Versace, Bulgari, Cartier, Loewe and many more.  Most of the
bars and restaurants will be open every day of the week, even on
mondays and sundays.

La zona G.

This zone has some of the finest eateries in Bogota. Within a few
small blocks you will find plenty of options. The restaurants are more
oriented toward fine dining more so than night club type activity. If
you want elegant or romantic, this is a good choice. These are five
star restaurants such as the internationally reknowned Astrid y
Gaston. This area goes from the Calle 69 and Carrera 7 to Calle 72 and
Carrera 4.

Parque de la 93

The 93 is a beautifull park with loads of good mid priced restaurants
and bars and some 5 star restaurants too. The 93 is popular for a
drink after work, so, during the week you'll see loads of locals
wearing ties and meeting their friends for a coffee or a swift half in
the pub... gosh that sounds so british. During the weekend is a great
place to go for dinner and then dancing. You will find the park on
Calle 93 and Carreras 12 and 13.


One of my very favorites.  About 60 years ago, it was only a small
town close to Bogota, today is a colonial little pueblo within the big
city. Usaquen is located on Calle 119 and Carrera 6 a couple of blocks
north of Hacienda Santa Barbara shoping mall. It has the best
atmosphere in town with its beautiful colonial houses, some small
shops and boutiques. It offers one of the best views of the city with
the eastern mountain range as a natural border to the east. It has a
variety of restaurants and bars surrounding the traditional town
square.  A perfect place to enjoy the sunday flea market and then a
nice lunch and a well deserved ice cream for dessert.


Chia which also means moon in Muisca, a Chibchan language; is about
20k north of Bogota and is home to the legendary Andres Carne de Res
one of our top 5 places to go out in Bogota. Chia is specially popular
on weekends where families leave the city looking for fresh air. There
are many restaurants and discos.

All right , now that you -hopefully - have a geographic reference ,
let's go to Marcela's personal Top 5 Rumbeaderos in Bogota in
descending order:

5.Gaira (La Casa de la Cumbia)

Guillermo Vives, a famous actor and brother of Carlos Vives (a world
wide known vallenato singer) brought to Bogota about 6 years ago a
place usually known as la Casa de la Cumbia, here you have a wide
selection of  traditional home made gourmet  Comida Costena (food from
the north coast of Colombia). The actual name is " Gaira" ,  as a
tribute to one of the Vives Family's favorite beaches from their
beloved Santa Marta area. The combination of traditional food,
tropical music and a bright decoration sets the atmosphire to remind
you of la costa colombiana.  It may be a good idea to go for a late
lunch and stay for the live music and party all night. I would
recomend to have a  patacon or a carimanola  (flat plantain or yuca
friter). This is a great place to enjoy some  real cumbia and
vallenato from the north and if you are very lucky you might listen to
Carlos Vives live! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zqJGWtEB9Q if you
haven't heard from him he was the one that revived Vallenato and made
it famous again.  Great cumbia and vallenato rumba!

4. Full 80's

Although it has been a while since the 80s left us, we have a very
cool place in la Avenida 19 with Calle 118 that reminds us of those
cool times. This is the perfect place to hear the house clasics form
the 80s and to watch in the background things like "Automan", "Chips",
"American Super Hero". The deco includes a cool colection of
Transformes and Star Wars memorabilia. Full 80s is open from Wednesday
to Saturday and Sunday if Monday is a bank holiday. On thursday there
is a live band ( the cover is about US$13) My favorite cocktail there
is Full 80's consisting of vodka, brandy, vermouth and strawberry
juice ( about US$10) ,a beer is about US$4.

3. Bogota Beer Company

BBC (no relation to the British Bradcasting Corporation) has 10
branches all over the city, you wont miss it even if you wanted to,
they're really all over Bogota. I love BBC because is a truly
Colombian "pub" (if that is possible). They produce 5 different types
of beer,  but i'm only going to tell you about my 3 favorite ones:  1.
Chapinero Porter, which is a black london inspired beer; 2. Monserrate
Roja (red and a must) and 3. Candelaria Clasica a more traditional
lager beer. You can buy your beers in pints, half, jar or the local
atraction Jirafas (giraffes) which are a 1 yard long glass full of any
beer you want. As for food goes,  they have named some of their
starters after some of Bogota's most famous neighborhoods such as
Campin Calamari or Cedritos Chips.

2. Salto del Angel

El Salto del Ángel is an enourmous place with lots of terraces and
levels and bars and stuff. When going to el salto you must be ready
for partying and jumping all nigh long. During the day its a classy
restaurant  but when it gets dark its packed with very good looking
people going to ‘party”.  I've always had a fantastic time there but
it is better if you go within a group. They have live bands almost
every weekend and a fantastic DJ that will keep you dancing on your

1.Andres Carne de Res

Well we have reached my top 1! I shouldn’t really write anything about
Andres and just say YOU HAVE TO GO AND SEE IT for yourself.
There are no words to describe a night out in Andres. It has such a
special atmosphere. Andres is rumba and food Colombia style and really
lives to its name ( Andres Beef is an approximate translation) , I
have eaten good meat in Buenos Aires and Montevideo but if you want to
try some tasty, yammy pice of beef you must go to Andres. And it
doesn’t stop there, their fruit juices and friteries are to die for.
Pleases try a Punta de Anca and a portion of Criollitas (tiny yellow
fryed potatoes) and a glas of Maracuya juice ( passion fruite) and
you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The deco… well… where do I start? . Once you get there,  you are
greeted by hundreds of staff members dressed in all sorts of costumes
and the first couple of things you’ll see are windmills and winged
cows  … then you know you’ve reached Andres.  In side is like a zoo,
loco place there are all sorts of antiques and crafts hanged from the
ceiling. There are around 23 areas called comedores where you can seat
and enjoy your meal. Remember to look for your comedor’s name before
going to the toilet, they are usually heart shape and glow in the
dark. It is for sure the best rumbeadero (party place) and a must whe
you travel to Colombia.

OK, people ..enough is enough ...now that you've read this you have no
excuse, if you happen to come to Bogota please try at least 3 of my
Top 5 rumbeaderos...and if you happen to do so drop me line..... and
if you've already been in Bogota , dont hesitate to comment about
YOUR  personal top 5!


Marcela http://colombia-travel-marcela.blogspot.com/

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