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Re: Abandoned/ignored: victims of EXPEDIA's incompetence

Von: HLE (notagurudelete@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 13.03.2010 23:37
Message-ID: <hnh43o$of8$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.travelrec.travel.air rec.travel.cruises
Mostly good comments and observations.... but:

Our TA does cruises, never air or hotels. When she recognized that
integrated (cruise line) air would involve an unnecessarily costly and
convoluted air route, she referred us to a link, but was not involved in
the "independent" air transaction.

Expedia said "email-only" in some messages and "phone-only" in others.
When we finally reached a human on the telephone, we received no help at
all except for an explicit instruction to call United - which we
discovered does not operate in Chile. These issues and others seem to be
ample evidence of Expedia's confusion and malfeasance. The problem was
solvable (we did get home close to on-time and at no additional
expense), but the frustration level would have been lower had Expedia
been professional and supportive. We travelers have a reasonable
expectation of professionalism and support from their TA, but these
attributes were absent from this particular Expedia relationship.


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