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Re: Abandoned/ignored: victims of EXPEDIA's incompetence

Von: tim.... (tims_new_home@yahoo.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 13.03.2010 12:26
Message-ID: <801b55FsemU1@mid.individual.net>
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"JohnT" <Johntspamnot@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> On 13/03/2010 6:43 AM, HLE wrote:
>> Thanks for the responses. Further comments:
>> 1. A "real" TA set up the cruise itself - we have a long and
>> relationship. When arranging this combined land-cruise vacation, she
>> discovered that we could save a bundle by doing the air separately, and
>> suggested a source. We didn't like the itineraries available from that
>> source, but found what we wanted at Expedia. Our TA agreed, so we booked
>> it on our own.
>> 2. What did we expect from Expedia?
>> ---Assistance/support in making changes, so we could quickly adapt to
>> the chaotic situation.
>> ---Communication, so we didn't feel abandoned.
>> ---Consistency, instead of mutually-exclusive instructions
>> and "email-only").
>> ---Influence with the airlines, so we didn't lose a vacation day due to
>> crazy scheduling.
>> ---Knowledge that United couldn't help us in Chile as they don't operate
>> in that country, instead of a demand that we call them.
>> ---Accurate schedule information, instead of wrong and late data.
>> ---Timely advice (instead of a schedule-change email that arrived after
>> our return to the U.S.).
>> ---Understandable communication in English, instead of canned responses
>> written by someone in Southern Slobovia.
>> ---A dedicated line for incoming international calls, so we wouldn't
>> have a 20 minute HOLD.
>> ---Above all, a sense of responsibility and concern for clients.
> "Saving a bundle" and expecting customer service are mutually exclusive
> concepts. You got what you paid for.

He only "Saved a bundle" by separating the flight ticket out of the tour.  I
don't suppose that he got his flight with Expedia any cheaper than he could
have got from any other source of individual flight tickets.  So it seems
reasonable to expect the same level of service that any other TA would give
when selling a flight ticket.

Having said that, I do think that he's expecting too much from a TA that
simply sold a ticket.  Where I come from, once you have the ticket in your
hand that is the end of the relationship with the TA.  The resolution of any
problems is down to the operator.


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