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Abandoned/ignored: victims of EXPEDIA's incompetence

Von: HLE (notagurudelete@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 11.03.2010 21:34
Message-ID: <hnbk5q$t1k$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.travelrec.travel.air rec.travel.cruises
Oceania's cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso was excellent, of
course, but Expedia made the end of our wonderful vacation into
something quite miserable.

Yesterday, we returned from Chile, where the earthquake created chaos in
Concepcion and points north. Though Santiago seemed to be nearly
untouched, the (relatively new) airport was grievously damaged and most
processes moved to outside tents.

Our original flight from Chile to Buenos Aires was canceled (with no
notice from Expedia), and our concierge said the only other flight would
give us 30 minutes if everything worked perfectly. We wrote to Expedia,
confident that we'd get help.

More than a dozen emails went back and forth, of which most from Expedia
were automated attempts to terminate the dialog. We have one that says
something like "we will help but only via email" and another that says
"call us on our 404 number". Finally, after we spent almost $20 calling
Expedia (there was, of course, a long and frustrating wait), they
shrugged us off with "Please call United and they will help you." We
discovered that United has no office in Chile, so we called the U.S.
number. Another $20. No help, as they don't fly out of Santiago and have
only one flight per day into and out of BA. I again asked Expedia for
help, but it was clear that none was forthcoming. We were on our own.

We gave up a day, and visited the LAN office in downtown Santiago, where
a manager took pity on us and shifted us to a flight that gave us eight
hours of waiting, but at least we got out and eventually got home.

I wrote to Expedia to file a complaint, but it appears that they have no
mechanism for such correspondence. The automated response included this
self-inflicted wound: "...there are some instances that (sic) we are
unable to meet our guaranteed excellent customer service..."

Guaranteed? GUARANTEED? Expedia's incompetence cost us a day of
vacation, and added more than ten hours to our transit time to make an
uncomfortable trip into a grim and painful one.

Never again.

CASE NUMBER 58327707.

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