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Re: Abandoned/ignored: victims of EXPEDIA's incompetence

Von: Charles (fort@his.com.remove.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 14.03.2010 01:34
Message-ID: <130320101934216760%fort@his.com.remove.invalid>
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In article <hnh43o$of8$1@news.eternal-september.org>, HLE
<notagurudelete@gmail.com> wrote:

> Expedia said "email-only" in some messages and "phone-only" in

Did you book with Expedia online or book on the phone or call them on
the phone before the issue? I would recommend in the future that you
check out a sites reputation before using them. I would never consider
using Expedia on any complicated travel arrangements because I have
heard horror stories about their customer service. Even on simple
bookings. You probably did not check their reputation.

Expedia by the way owns a whole bunch of booking and other travel web
site. Hotels.com, Hotwire, Tripadvisor among others.

Oh, they also own Cruise Critic.....


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