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Datum: 10.03.2010 06:34
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After seven years working without a vacation, I considered a 'vacation',
but my experience in the past several days in the planning has led me to
a conclusion: STAY HOME! Here's why:

1. Air travel today is a pain - real pain. First, the airlines are
getting very stingy on their services and fares. Restrictions are
growing. Check baggage now cost about $25 each for each direction. Meals
are no longer free (not that they were any good any way). What really
kills my apetite for air travel is the idiots working at the security
check points, specifically the TSA idiots. They are a collection of
losers who got their jobs through some kind of political connection. They
put their ego above passengers's dignity and comfort. Now, travelers
would be stipped naked (digitally) before allowed on the plane. That part
doesn't bother me as much as the health effects from the harmful
radiations from the scanning machines (despite the claim otherwise by
those who stand to profit from these machines).

2. I looked into two options for destination: Europe and Hawaii. Europe
would be too expensive now with the dollar being devalued against the
Euro. We can all thank Bush and his incompetent government for that. On
top of that, again airport security makes it very painful and humilating.
So, the Europe option is out. Now, Hawaii. I was hopeful to be able to
"relax" and enjoy the "natural beauty" of Hawaii. No so. It turned out
that lodging is a big rip off in Hawaii. It seems as if the system has
been intentionally set up to cater only to the rich. The poor would never
get a chance to enjoy what used to be a 'free paradise'. The rich white
and the rich non-whate Americans basically destroy this paradise and turn
it into cash machine. It's quite interesting to note that the Hawaii
islands were stolen from the native Hawaii by the white. Now the robbers
continue to exploit the island for more wealth while the natives are
pushed around and into the dark corner of their own land!

This makes it hard for me to visit Hawaii and support these greedy
colonists. There are other places on this planet that deserve my money
better than Hawaii... like my own home. To this extent, I would love to
see tourism in Hawaii goes to hell with its own greed!

So, I've decided to stay home and hold on to my own money instead of
feeding the greedy businesses in Hawaii, where paradise only exists on a

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