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Re: Abandoned/ignored: victims of EXPEDIA's incompetence

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Datum: 13.03.2010 21:44
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"George Leppla" <george@cruisemaster.com> wrote in message
: tim.... wrote:
: >
: > He only "Saved a bundle" by separating the flight ticket out of the
tour.  I
: > don't suppose that he got his flight with Expedia any cheaper than he
: > have got from any other source of individual flight tickets.  So it
: > reasonable to expect the same level of service that any other TA would
: > when selling a flight ticket.
: >
: > Having said that, I do think that he's expecting too much from a TA that
: > simply sold a ticket.  Where I come from, once you have the ticket in
: > hand that is the end of the relationship with the TA.  The resolution of
: > problems is down to the operator.
: Random thoughts.....
: 1) If he had bought the air through a travel agency that specializes in
: air, he probably would have to had pay a service fee, however, many of
: these companies subscribe to a "traveler's assistance" program of one
: sort or the other that is available 24/7/365 to help these customers.
: 2) Here is another case where a good travel insurance policy can help.
: Many policies offer 24/7/365 Emergency Travelers Assistance programs
: where you can call for help.  The OP made no mention if he had insurance
: or if he was aware that this might have been an option for him.  Oh.. .
: this includes the insurance sold by Expedia.
: 3) Sometimes there just isn't a good solution no matter who works on it
: or how hard they try.  After a earthquake, flights out are just not
: available.  A plane ticket is not a guarantee that you will receive
: transportation.  No one plans for something like an earthquake or a
: tidal wave or a hurricane, blizzard, tornado, civil war, terrorist plot
: or any of the other hundreds of things that could possibly go wrong in
: the world.  In a world where instant gratification is often demanded,
: there come times when it just isn't possible to satisfy anyone
: Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  It doesn't have to be
: anyone's fault.
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George, I like your response so very much better!

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