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New Tourist Website for Copenhagen Denmark.

Von: dan (dan.henriksen.1969@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 22.03.2010 10:49
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New Tourist Website for Copenhagen Denmark.

Tourist in Copenhagen: Wether you're a tourist or just curious and
want to know more about Copenhagen, you can read about the city, the
different parts of the city and its history on CPH-visual. The history
of Copenhagen is the history of Denmark, just as Denmarks history is
that of Copenhagen.

On CPH-visual you can watch photos from Copenhagen and the nearest
surroundings. The photographs give you everything from public
buildings, sights, streets and to people in everyday situations,
graphiti and tags. CPH-visual wants to give you a unique possibility
to get to know Copenhagen from a different angle than that of the
usual tourist brochure.

Its address is: http://www.cph-visual.com/

Feel free to come and take a look!

The very best regards,
Dan Plesner Henriksen

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