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Where to find the Active Directory

Von: ireniaflucha (jajalak@emilia.comuf.com) [Profil]
Datum: 26.04.2010 03:30
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There are numerous data and information to be managed in our computer.
Hence, we definitely need something to manage and handle them in a
proper manner. Without proper management of our files, everything will
be very messy and this will only make our job to be more difficult.
Fortunately, Microsoft has identified such problem and they have
discovered already developed a function called active directory. This
function has been developed more than a decade ago and it has been
widely used. It isn't surprised to see this function being widely used
because it indeed offers us many advantageous. All the files in our
computer are actually arranged neatly but we need some indicator to tell
us where exactly our files are. This is where active directory plays its
role. The structure of this directory is made easy so that our files can
be retrieved easily. There are lots of levels of viewing this directory
namely forests, trees and domains. Forest is one among the top level
followed by the tree. You'll then see domains under the tree level.
Domains are the lowest level of all. Active directory is good you might
say that the upgrading and updating process can be combined into a
single process. Whenever you have some new application to be installed
on several computers, all you want to do is to use this directory and
all your problems will be solved. The forest structure helps install
everything in just one computer and the other computers will have the
application as well. Updating can be made easy through the unique
structure. Besides that, the structure also offers you a great deal of
flexibility. Not everybody can access into the particular domain and if
you want one of them to access into it, you can just allow them alone to
access it without giving other parties the permission to intrude the

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