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Number Very simple Techniques In Replacing Ones IP Address

Von: rowentacent (saljas@emilia.comuf.com) [Profil]
Datum: 26.04.2010 16:46
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The idea is excellent in order to switch your IP address sometimes for
stability purpose. This can be very true especially with regard to
businesses which work with lots of applications on-line. The same IP
address will risk your data within the computer system being hacked and
also trojan distributed inside ones computer system can damage all ones
significant files. Not really many people are great in computer systems
and they may not be aware of the methods of changing their IP address.
In fact, it is easier than you can imagine. How to change IP address?
The best way of all other methods is to off your modem for several
minutes. Your IP address should be different when you on back your
modem. It is because when a new connection is made, a new IP address
will be issued for your connection. To check your IP address changes,
simply search for sites that will advise you your IP address through
Google or other search engines. You can observe for yourself that the IP
address shown before you off the modem and after is different. However,
this method will not be working to all the connections. So, what you are
able do if it doesn't work? You may try to off your modem for a longer
duration, maybe for several hours. It is seldom for the method mentioned
above to be not working but what when it is really not working? Usually
after backing up opt for proxy servers. These servers can assist you to
change your IP address constantly not for only security purpose but for
anonymous surfing as well. Cash that some IP address could not access
into certain websites as a consequence of blockage by the internet
service provider. With proxy servers, this isn't a problem at all. It
changes your IP address to enable you to access to those sites and
whatever you do over the web can hardly be tracked, since your IP
address changes frequently. Another method which you can use to change
your IP address is through command prompt and system configuration. This
method will definitely work but there is a disadvantage. The
disadvantage of this method is that only programmers know how to deal
with it. Assuming you have no programming knowledge then you should
forget about it. You should aware that if you utilize this method you
would need to turn off your computer and modem before obtaining the new
IP address.

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