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How Far Will They Go?

Von: Sue Tierney (wehhrjhwpqec@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.04.2010 18:45
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With the gas prices going up these days, looking for affordable
travels have become a big issue amongst travelers. More and more
people started to carpool and even ride bicycles for methods of short
distance traveling, such as going to the store a block away. Hybrid
and electric cars became a trend while the big SUVs lost their touch
on consumers. Many companies are squeezing their brains out in order
to save money by being more fuel efficient and compensate for their
losses even. The airplane industry was impacted even more than others
and it is perhaps the industry that is trying its hardest to be more
fuel efficient.
Rather than raising their ticket prices, some airplane companies
searched for other alternatives, thus not losing their customers while
keeping their profit margin steady. Many different methods are being
used, such as using alternative materials for their tableware, making
them lighter and thus reducing the fuel used to carry their weight.
Some companies are starting to take out the heavy movie projectors and
replacing them with a lighter and more personal controlled screen at
the back of each chair for their customers. These measures can
actually be helpful to the customers while other methods received many
The airplane companies started reducing flight numbers, thus combining
customers, for example, they combine three planes that leave in 30
minute gaps to a single plane that leaves in one hour gap, thus having
the carpool effect on a plane. Eventually, more planes are full when
they leave from an airport and it saves money for the companies since
using one flight instead of two or three would use less gas. Though it
might not seem much, it is a definite inconvenience for people on a
tight time schedule.
Some companies limited the free baggage allowed on cargo to one and
started charging extra for every bag after the first. Small things
like in-flight snacks are being charged by some companies as well.
Though it is understandable that these measures are meant to keep the
prices low because every pound matters, taking away services offered
for free and charging them for it almost seems like the companies are
mocking the customers. At the end, there might be issues where they
start weighing the travelers and charging them for their extra weight.
With these measures taken by the industry, travelers should keep their
eyes opened wider and not only look at fares but the services offered
by the company. Luckily, there are many websites to research to
compare prices and choose the cheaper fare. But make sure to look at
both the price and the services offered since it might be cheaper to
buy a plane ticket that is $50 more expensive than the other if they
allow more baggage for its price or even free snacks. Many websites
help travelers comparing prices but not many tell you the services
offered until you click on the buy this ticket button, so do your
research and buy smart.

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