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The whole Social Technology - The approaching Future of Computers

Von: Omaninwong (quint@janeperdom.herobo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 29.04.2010 06:34
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As pcs change the world all-around us no matter whether we understand
this or not, innovative technology is bit by bit growing in to the
mainstreams of modern society. That integration involving social
networking into portable computers, as well as devices for example
IPhone, is set to change the way society functions overall.

More so technology is headed to the stage that everyone will be linked
with a computer from start to finish, thus effectively turning every
person into a network node of society. In the not so distant future we
will all utilize our portable computers in every task imaginable, from
scanning and buying groceries, to identifying ourselves, and more
obvious uses like communication.

In fact portable computers will further revolutionize the way we
communicate, making every person, who so permits their public display of
information, to be contacted instantly via a national database. It will
enable those with authority over the networks to track any individuals

Perhaps the prediction with the biggest implications of portable
computers is that without one no one will be an effective member of
society, and thus will be disdained as a lesser person ethically, and
even denied services that utilize the emerging technology.

The only remaining question is how long it may need to institute this as
the norm. I think anyone can agree that such devices will become as
common as clothing, and that one would not be seen without their link to
the network.


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