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Epopeya Everst sin Limites 2010, Nelson Cardona reaches Everest summit!

Von: Marcela Colombia Travel Blog (colombia.travel.marcela@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 18.05.2010 23:53
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Hi all, this is a quick update on the Colombia Epopeya Everest sin
Limites Expedition 2010.

Congrats team!!! And specially Marcelo my dear friend and beautiful
soul through whom I met Nelson, Edgar and Carolina…Congratulations
again and again, this could have only been accomplished by you,
Epopeya Colombia.

We are all thrilled; Colombia is celebrating the latest news received
from the Everest. In the only place in the world where all nations
share the same goal (Everest Base Camp 5,400 masl), the Colombian flag
is today's celebrity.  At 11:30 (nepal time) on May 17, Rafael Avila
and Nelson Cardona reached the highest mountain in the world, mount
Everest (8,848 masl).

The Epopeya Evererst official statement confirms that they are in good
health and great spirit. They also confirm that the Lobuche team is
also back in Base Camp waiting for Nelson and Rafael to climb down
after a bit of rest in Camp 4.

I’m going to take the liberty of translating what Nelson, an amputee
(right leg), shared with all of us through the Epopeya Everst Sin
Limites Expedition website. We, as Colombians set example and showed
the world that all dreams can come true and that the differences don’t
matter when you built based on the things we have in common. The
world’s eyes are onto us because “is not falling that makes a man fail
is his inability to stand up again and continue”.

Congrats again and thank you team for sharing your adventure with us
and I look forward to meet you all when you get back.


Marcela - Travel Blog

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