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BODHGAYA TOURISM - Bodhgaya History

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Datum: 03.06.2010 11:45
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Bodhgaya, 14 km south of Gaya; is the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage
center in the world.
The region around Bodhgaya formed the part of the first small kingdoms
of India in the 7th century BC. It is the place where is the place
where Gautam Buddha entered into meditation after being moved by the
sufferings of mankind. After gaining Enlightenment, Gautam became
Buddha and spread his message of love and peace to th whole world. To
mark the spot where Gautam Buddha had attained Enlightenment, the
great Mauryan ruler King Ashoka built a small shrine here in the 3rd
century BC. After that the subsequent rulers left their mark on this
shrine, which finally took the shape of the Mahabodhi temple that is
still there.

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