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Prince George Gang War

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RCMP prepares to take on warring gangs
Drugs, shootings, abductions and torture plague port city

Frank Peebles
Prince George Citizen; With files from The Vancouver Sun

Saturday, August 09, 2008

PRINCE RUPERT - The RCMP said Friday it was preparing to lay charges
in a gang war involving drugs, shootings, abductions and torture that
has escalated to the point where the safety of the public is in

The violence culminated in an open gunfight on downtown streets this
week -- some witnesses estimated as many as 40 shots were fired -- in
which a 19-year-old male was wounded. The shooting victim was in
critical condition in hospital under RCMP guard.

"Shots were exchanged between two groups [Wednesday night]," said Sgt.
Raj Sidhu. "Yes, we have suspects."

Prince George RCMP said in a news release Friday: "Thousands of
working hours have been put in to identify and charge the individuals
who are responsible for the rise in gang violence due to the drug
trade and organized crime."

RCMP spokeswoman Const. Lesley Dix said: "There are three main
organized crime gangs in Prince George -- the Renegades, there is the
Crew and there is the Independent Soldiers.

"There is also now an unnamed splinter group of the Independent
Soldiers and this is what this war is about.... Members of one group
are shooting members of the other group for control of the local drug

The news release said the Prince George RCMP serious crime unit has
been working on the investigation in partnership with the crime
reduction team and general duty members.

Sidhu confirmed that the Crew, after concerted hounding by local
police, have been reduced to only a few members in the city and "they
basically aren't a factor any more," but the Independent Soldiers have
taken over some of the Crew's business.

"A majority of the incidents since 2007 have involved members of the
Independent Soldiers," said Sidhu.

He said that incidents have been much more frequent and more violent

The RCMP news release said charges being considered include forcible
confinement, aggravated assault, kidnapping, possession of a
controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for the
purpose of trafficking, possession of stolen property, assault with a
weapon and firearms charges.

"Members of the RCMP have executed numerous search warrants on
residences whose sole purpose is to sell drugs," the release said.

"These residences are known as crack shacks. Upon searching these
crack shacks, police have discovered a world of drug abuse and

"Members recently entered a crack shack and located a male who had
been shackled in the basement, beaten and tortured. The male owed
money to the gang ... and the beatings would continue until they felt
the debt had been paid.

"This is not the only forcible confinement and torture investigation
police have encountered. Charges continue to be forwarded regarding
these types of incidents as victims are cooperating with police in
most cases."

© The Vancouver Sun 2008

The Renegades MC is a puppet or training or supporter club of the
Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club.


The recent sentencing of Richard Allan Scurr, 23, alleged leader of
The Crew - a Prince George organized crime group with links to the
Vancouver Hell's Angels Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang -for possession
of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking has put the city's
organized crime problem into the spotlight.

Scurr was sentenced, Dec.  5, to seven months in prison and two years
probation.  Judge Weatherly ordered the Surrey native to stay out of
Prince George for those two years.

Scurr's co-accused - Bernard Joseph Schneider, 43, of Prince George -
is scheduled for trial at a later date.

"The Crew are a group of young guys from the lower mainland.  They
literally came up here to rape, loot and pillage.  They've used
intimidation and violence and have just taken over houses," Sgt.  Tom
Bethune said.  "The jailing of Robert Scurr will have a minimal effect
on The Crew.  They'll just replace him."

Bethune leads a Prince George RCMP task force which targets drugs and
property crimes.  Fighting organized crime is a major part of their
job, he said.

The high-profile arrest of Renegades leader William James Moore -(He
was later murdered in a case that is unsolved. President William
(Billy) Moore was murdered two months after the raid. He was forced to
watch his house burn down, and then his truck was set on fire with his
body inside. His hands were tied to the steering wheel.)

along with nine other Renegades and Hell's Angels Nomads members - in
January, however, did significantly hurt the Renegades, Bethune said.

The arrests were the result of a 20-month undercover investigation
between Prince George RCMP and Vancouver Police.  In March, Moore was
found murdered near his Salmon Valley home after being released on

The Crew are a relatively new addition to the organized crime scene in
Prince George, Bethune said, and selling crack cocaine is their
primary business.

"They could only do that with the agreement of the Renegades," he
said.  "The Renegades is a puppet organization of the Hell's Angels.
It all flows back to the Hell's Angels in Vancouver."

The Renegades' core business is selling marijuana and powder cocaine,
he said, but both organizations are directly and indirectly involved
in prostitution, theft and money laundering.  Both have ruthlessly
driven competitors out of the Prince George market.

"No one in Prince George can sell [illegal] drugs without permission
of the Hell's Angels," he said.  "There was five homicides last year
that are tied to organized crime out of seven."

Both groups answer to a single Hell's Angel in Vancouver through a
series of middlemen, Bethune added.

The Crew sell directly to the street, which increases the profit
margin and the risk of getting caught, Bethune said.  The Renegades
use intermediaries to actually sell the drugs and hence take less

Drugs is a multi-million dollar business in Prince George.

"It's a very low amount what we actually confiscate and seize.  At
street level, a single dose of crack cocaine goes for $20.  We had
given to us from the airport [security] a seven kilogram shipment of
crack cocaine," Bethune said.  "Are they making money? Sure they are.
It's huge."

There are challenges which make it difficult for police to investigate
and break up organized crime, he said, and criminal groups are very
good at exploiting them.

"Money is being laundered through legitimate businesses here in Prince
George," Bethune said.  "We can't put up a sign saying, 'This business
launders money.'"

Criminal gangs prey on people's greed, fear and desperation to prevent
them from speaking out to police, he said.

"We can only enforce the tools and laws we have - from Ottawa right
down to the municipal level," Bethune said.  "We need people to help
us.  They can't run a crack shack unless they have a landlord who
turns a blind eye."

The higher up in the chain a person is, the harder it is to catch
them, he said.

"These investigations can be very time consuming and it takes a long
time to get a search warrant.  It can take weeks of surveillance and
developing sources to get a warrant," Bethune said.  "The criminals
know that and by the time we bust a crack shack, they already have
another one."

http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v05/n1947/a10.html?397 Fri, 09 Dec 2005
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)

I'm not sure but they seem to be saying that a $5 rock of crack in
Surrey or the DTES sells for $20 in Prince George. There is a
tradition of a huge markup for drugs from the Lower Mainland the
further north you go. Cocaine dealers have to pay a $500 a month tax
to HA. They don't call it the Renegades they call it HA although not
too loudly :-)

RCMP said he his a member of the Independent Soldiers Organization,
which is a puppet gang of the Hells Angels in B.C.

I have read various times that IS is an independent gang and other
times it is part of the HA org. I really have no idea.

is involved with
extortion, homicide, kidnapping, prostitution, meth and cocaine
dealing, rape, armed robbery and motorcycle theft and child
as well as phony currency and witness intimidation and obstruction of
justice. They have been known to bribe and scare law enforcement
officers and judges into doing their bidding. These ppl must be
out of the Cdn justice system. Two judges have actually done their
and declared HAMC a criminal org and the Victoria Times-Colonist is
calling for it to be banned as a terrorist org.
"The Hells Angels should be treated as a domestic terror organization.
We should encourage those who make and enforce our laws in their
efforts to eradicate them."

The White Rock chapter Sgt.Of Arms, Villy Roy Lynnerup, recently was
arrested for trying to board an airplane at YVR
with a loaded firearm. Was probably going to crash the plane into the
Downtown courthouse or hold the passengers hostage in exchange for
release of Moms Boucher and all imprisoned full patch members. All
Hell's Angels, their supporters, associates etc. should be imprisoned
for twenty years
their children put in foster care and their assets seized.
Ppl are trying to get HAMC listed as a terrorist org. If you support
then write letters to editors of local newspapers and your local MP.
As well John Les the solicitor-general of BC before he resigned has
advocated banning
the wearing of gang colours such as biker patches in bars. Perhaps
John VanDongen can finish the job he started. Since HA
known to frequent Brandi’s and the Cecil and has links to
various bars in BC that would be an improvement. The gang has a
history of intimidating
bartenders, infiltrating unions involved in the bar industry, beating
and killing strippers and beating customers to death at random for no
reason. Contact your MLA as well as the local media and tell them you
want this implemented sooner rather than later.
VPD is appealing again for info about the homicide of Maria Yvette
Monzon who was shot dead on the westside of Vancouver. She was killed
by HA but the police have never stated that. There is a reward.

Colleen Reiter (Ryder?) of Surrey was killed by HAMC but the RCMP
refuse to confirm this.


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calls Vancouver Police if he loses.

DPS 817 Denman St
V6G 2L7 Canada
(604) 681-8797
(604) 684-0329 Fax

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3055
Vancouver, BC V6B 3X5 Canada

Mike Poirier – Regional Vice President of Operations

He lives in Burnaby. Caucasian 5"8 in platform shoes.

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