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Identify this anti-communist video from the 1980s...

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Datum: 09.02.2009 06:25
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Someone please help me identify this anti-communist television program
I saw when I was a kid in the early 1980s.

The show was called "The New Teacher" and it takes place in an
American elementary school classroom.  A very pretty woman in an odd-
looking unisex outfit enters the classroom and tells them that the war
is over and that she is their new teacher.  One of the kids asks who
won the war, and she replies that "we won."  Another kid asks why his
father was sent to a re-education camp, and the teacher says it is a
type of school and everyone needs to go to school even if they don't
always like it.

That's all I can remember.  I could have sworn it was produced by the
John Birch Society or a similar right-wing group, but I can't find any
information on Google.  Thanks for any help!

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