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Malcum Fabian still on the loose

Von: Dr. Sir John Howard, AC, WSCMoF (nevervotelabour@alp.con) [Profil]
Datum: 03.03.2009 06:50
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Pig-headed croc still on the loose


RANGERS will keep trying to catch a four-metre croc lurking in the mangroves of
Queensland's Fraser Island, as long as there's a risk to tourists and boaties.

Wildlife officer Rob Allan said the saltwater crocodile is ignoring tasty treats
intended to tempt it into two traps along the Great Sandy Strait on the
southwest side of the World Heritage listed island.

"We are a bit surprised because each of the two permanently moored traps we've
set up have a pig's head in them and the smell of that would go for miles for a
crocodile," Mr Allan said.

"It's ignoring them and we don't know why, but this is not a typical croc - he's
probably a loner and he's not hemmed in by territorial areas because there's no
other crocs in the area."

He said the mangrove area where the croc is believed to be living was brimming
with food including barramundi, prawns and squid.

"Maybe he turns up his nose at the pig's head, I don't know, perhaps he's into
the gourmet tucker," he said.

Mr Allan said experts in north Queensland had told him it can take months to
lure a crocodile into a trap but they had to persevere because of the danger to

"We reckon there's a pretty substantial risk," he said.

"It's operating in an area that's popular with boaties and people who hire
houseboats and some of them are probably urbanites who are not terribly familiar
with that kind of country anyway.

"The last thing they're expecting is a crocodile.

"And it's hot and people will want to jump off their houseboat and have a swim -
and swimming with a four-metre croc is not ideal."

"The Labour Party is corrupt beyond redemption!"
- Labour hasbeen Mark Latham in a moment of honest clarity.

"Silly old bugger!"
- Well known ACTU pisspot and sometime Labour prime minister Bob Hawke
responding to a pensioner who dared ask for more.

"Well may we say 'God save the Queen' because nothing will save the governor
- Egotistical shithead and pompous fuckwit E.G. Whitlam whining about his
appointee for Governor General John Kerr.

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