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Review: "The Prisoner - The Complete Series" on Blu-ray

Von: Dave U. Random (use-author-supplied-address-header@[127.1]) [Profil]
Datum: 28.10.2009 15:07
Message-ID: <ca6ca7c70910280707w4a898f22l5a7e43f52f479a59@mail.gmail.com>
Newsgroup: alt.tv alt.tv.prisoner
(MassLive.com) - The series has been available in fine quality on VHS
and DVD in the past, but the new transfer to high definition Blu-ray
is most impressive (Amazon.com: http://xrl.us/PrisonerBluray ). There
is newly remixed 5.1 surround sound for all 17 episodes, in addition
to the original mono tracks.

The five-disc box set has a wealth of bonus material, including early
edits of the first two episodes, “Arrival” and “The Chimes of Big
Ben.” Both include scenes not found in the aired versions and a
different musical score. Scripts, call sheets and some 1,200
production stills can also be accessed on a computer from the fifth

Perhaps the greatest thrill for fans will be a warts-and-all 94-minute
documentary, “Don’t Knock Yourself Out,” that recounts the filming of
the series..


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