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WILL BALLOON HOAX Cause America's Fools To Eschew "REALITY" Shows? Nah!

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Datum: 19.10.2009 21:04
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100 million dumb'uns still believe these hoax's are unscripted

Could YOU be among the stupids?

"Colorado sheriff: Runaway balloon saga was hoax"

By Zakk Gammon - email | Twitter

Posted: Oct 18, 2009 3:57 PM EDT

FORT COLLINS, CO (KFVS) - The family at the center of a world-wide
drama faked the disappearance of their six-year-old son inside a
runaway balloon according to authorities. A local sheriff is now
calling the situation a "hoax and publicity stunt".

Now, the parents of three young boys could soon face charges and
possibly jail time.

"It was a publicity stunt done with the hopes of marketing
themselves," says Larimer County, County Sheriff Jim Alderden.

Investigators re-interviewed the Heene family Saturday and combed
through their Colorado home, looking through computers and emails.
They now believe Richard and Mayumi Heene had been plotting the stunt
for weeks to get their own reality tv show deal. Officials also
believe the couple instructed their three children to lie to the media
and to police.

"These people are actors," says Sheriff Alderden, "So needless to say,
they put on a very good show for us and we bought it."

Investigators plan to file felony charges, including conspiracy and
contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The flyaway balloon
sparked a heated, high-altitude search when the couple reported their
6-year-old son Falcon had crawled inside just before it floated away.
He was found hours later at home hiding in a cardboard box in the

But speculation the incident may have been faked began almost
immediately, when Falcon made a comment on CNN.

"You said it was for the show," the child said.

His dad tried to explain away the comment and denied it was a set up.
When approached by reporters Sunday, Richard Heene teared up and said
the on-going saga has become "so convoluted."

His children are not likely to be charged because of their young age,
but child protective services are now involved. This may just be the
beginning of trouble for the couple; additional federal charges could
be filed in the coming weeks.


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