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"24" - DVD box sets or weekly episodes?

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Datum: 19.01.2010 19:13
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(Guardian.co.uk) - "24" is a perfect straight-to-DVD show.

You know the sort of program. On TV you can take it or leave it, but
when exposed to several episodes in a row, it monopolizes your entire
life. "Just one more," you think, as the first episode ends, and then
 before you know it  your weekend has disappeared, you're covered in
Dorito shards and you appear to still be wearing Friday's pants. That
does happen to other people, right?

Other shows might make a good claim to its throne, but "24" is world
leader in the box set field  mostly because of its glorious
stupidity. Sit down and watch it on television, with 15 minutes of
commercials an hour and week-long pauses between episodes, and the
plot holes and inconsistencies and moronic lapses of basic logic have
time to sink in. If you're canny enough to stock up with 18 hours'
worth of snacks and barrel through the whole box set in a day,
however, everything becomes completely plausible...

Continued: http://tr.im/24DVD

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