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"24" Episode 14 individual awards

Von: Robin (q.aeon.6@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 31.03.2010 19:31
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The Worst Timing Award goes to Mr. Keenan for picking that exact
moment to have a massive heart attack. In the laugh-out-loud moment of
the season, Mr. Keenan clutches his chest in agony at the exact moment
he finds out slimy Mr. Weiss has taken matters into his own hands,
cavorting with General Warmonger.

The Most Interesting Job in the World Award goes to the Generic
Terrorist Brigade's Abandoned Warehouse Scout. Isn't it amazing that
terrorists always know where the abandoned warehouses are? They're
just so plentiful, and conveniently empty when the plot calls for it.
They must have a fantastic scout who goes out before hand, checking
out all the primo abandoned warehouse locales.

The Underestimation of the Century Award goes to the moronic General
Warmonger who dared utter the line "Jack Bauer stands no chance."

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