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"24" Episode 13: If there's a CTU, there's a mole

Von: Robin (q.aeon.6@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 24.03.2010 12:56
Message-ID: <18d592a7-88fc-4788-850b-9273a83d2a16@a10g2000pri.googlegroups.com>
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(Film.com) - An EMP has taken out CTU, which actually might make their
ability to set up perimeters more effective. Jack is out in the field
without any communication with CTU; does he need that anyway? No. All
Jack needs is an infinite number of automatic rounds and a wedge of
armor that would make a Spartan proud.

Meanwhile, in subplot hell, we have a mole alert. What would 24 be
without a mole, placed directly in the exact place they should be
placed to help the terrorists prolong their plot just long enough for
it to fill 24 hours? Does CTU do any type of background check when
they hire people? Maybe they should make "Does applicant have shifty,
unsettling eyes?" a factor in the hiring procedure...

Continued: http://xrl.us/24episode13

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