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Jeff (BB11) Gets His Own ShowBrian Smith09.06.10
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History?Ken McElhaney03.05.10
Easiest speedbump everFrosty03.05.10
I found Caite Upton's modeling agencyHunter01.05.10
CBS Press Release for Next Episode ("They Don't...Brian Smith29.04.10
If only TAR was filming now...Invid Fan21.04.10
CBS Press Release for Next Episode--Two roadblo...Brian Smith20.04.10
Jeff and Jordo at Myrtle BeachBrian Smith19.04.10
AR2 Blake on Chelsea LatelyRob10.04.10
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Allie's Clothes in Last EpisodeBrian Smith06.04.10
Fan Chat Transcript with Steve & AllieBrian Smith05.04.10
TAR 16.8 RatingsAr Q05.04.10
An episode where no team made mistakes.PeterL05.04.10
Impressed with the cowboys.PeterL05.04.10
A...Ken McElhaney05.04.10
7Up will give viewers 7 prizes this season and ...Ar Q01.04.10
News Headlinenumber601.04.10
Rumor said Jeff and Jordan will be on Survivor 21.Ar Q26.03.10
Reality Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan: The Amazin...Brian Smith26.03.10
From Big Brother to The Amazing Race with Jorda...Brian Smith25.03.10
Jeff/Jordo Interview (Reality TV Podcast #246)Brian Smith24.03.10
Amazing Race's Jeff and Jordan: We Like to Make...Brian Smith24.03.10
Jeff and Jordo on Bonnie Hunt (3/23/2010)Brian Smith23.03.10
The "equation"Martin Phipps23.03.10
The "equation"Martin Phipps23.03.10
Jeff and Jordo Lessons Learned Video ClipBrian Smith23.03.10
Jordan & Jeff ('The Amazing Race') (digitalspy....Brian Smith22.03.10
Well, the prettest person is out of the race 3/...Hunter22.03.10
Amazing Race's Joe and Heidi on Facing U-Turn (...Brian Smith17.03.10