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Apple's blatantly fraudulent first iPad ad (dur...Taylor09.03.10
Tubal reversal sugerysashagrate08.03.10
Tubal reversal sugerysashagrate08.03.10
I have deep hatred for that lady in the Yoplait...Taylor08.03.10
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Tubal Reversalsashagrate04.03.10
Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Broadview SecurityUbiquitous11.02.10
Lying in Cancer Treatment Centers Of America co...Taylor10.02.10
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OIh scuse me thot there would be SB ...Where is the @#$%...08.02.10
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GSN overnight running aninal torture ads -- Who...Taylor29.01.10
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New Commercials Critique Blog - CommercialPedia...Tom Rose14.01.10
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