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The Law & Order television programme.

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for the teabaggersRay OHara19.05.10
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Ritual 1997theget07.05.10
Old Man Smelltheget07.05.10
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3rd May 2010theget04.05.10
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Why Would the Victims Need to Agree?David / Amicus02.05.10
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Sharon Stone?David / Amicus01.05.10
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Did Goren leave CI ?J J Levin10.04.10
Forcing a Defendent to Take Their Meds?David / Amicus09.04.10
Brighton BeachMartin Edwards09.04.10
Team ups I like to seeVince09.04.10
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Sex Crimes, Number of Counts?David / Amicus08.04.10
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Pedophile Priest EpisodesDavid / Amicus07.04.10
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Killing Off Van Buren?Yvonne Bowers03.04.10
Van Buren....hope this is April Fools...sapphire02.04.10