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Nothing like a good comedy about war and dying.

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Hey everyoneChadd VanZanten06.06.10
Signing outburd44@gmail.com05.06.10
Eddie and Mark and "The Book"burd44@gmail.com04.06.10
Jeff Mburd44@gmail.com04.06.10
Rue McClanahan diedburd44@gmail.com04.06.10
The cover, front and backburd44@gmail.com03.06.10
MY TWO Books JUNE 3, 2010....Bobby Kennedy...burd44@gmail.com03.06.10
M. I. A.burd44@gmail.com03.06.10
NY AREA>>>>>>>>>>>..............burd44@gmail.com03.06.10
Alan Alda isburd44@gmail.com03.06.10
Daniel Webster Tuckeransermetniac01.06.10
McLean S and the "Golden Girls, Friday night."burd44@gmail.com29.05.10
$50,000 for KILLING FBI, CIA, NSA and NIS DIREC...AmerGovtPsychopat...26.05.10
Not as chattyStormin Mormon07.05.10
Hi group!burd44@gmail.com06.05.10
Harry Morgan -Heads Upansermetniac03.05.10
Obama knew somebody cured of being gay--the boo...BB22.04.10
FS: 20th Century Fox "4077th M.A.S.H. Beer" Canj. r. sinclair11.04.10
Alda's net worth ... ?Keltec11.04.10
Dear Dads...April 10, Kelly Linville and my dadburd44@gmail.com10.04.10
Dear Dads...April 10, Kelly Linville and my dadburd44@gmail.com10.04.10
Happy 95th Birthday to Harry Morgan!A10.04.10
Happy 77th Birthday Wayne Rogers!Kirsten07.04.10
My bergina itchesMarge24.03.10
Time to replace Bruce Davis as head of "In Memo...A10.03.10
"Nobody can write an Oscar review like Ken Levi...A08.03.10
Oscar obituaries reel of those who left us in 2...A08.03.10
Woody Allen did *not* write for "Caesar's Hour"...A08.03.10
Elsig never wrote for "Your Show of Shows" (195...A08.03.10
Walter K's son commits suicideburd44@gmail.com27.02.10
"You Belong With Me" (Hawkeye and Margaret), Y...A27.02.10
Aaaah, Bach!Captain Infinity19.02.10
Happy Birthday Allan Arbus!Kirsten15.02.10
Giving it to them straight (off topic; not MASH)Stormin Mormon15.02.10
Look at my eyes! They look like potato eyes, r...Captain Infinity13.02.10
Chin Lee! Chin Lee!Captain Infinity12.02.10
Missing scene from last episode?Peter Morris12.02.10
The Hour interviews Jamie FarrXcalibur11.02.10
Philip M. Porter, 86 a M*A*S*H 8076 surgeon, c...A11.02.10
LINK (exact) to Highest rated network telecasts...A10.02.10
The Hallmark Channel is at it againChris Range10.02.10
Snow check Hello! Sparky!Stormin Mormon10.02.10
Alda, Rogers, Comment on Super Bowl vs. M*A*S*H...Becca09.02.10
Super Bowl ratings top "MASH" finaleMary Lou Wallace08.02.10
:) :) :)burd44@gmail.com25.01.10
:) :) hiburd44@gmail.com25.01.10
The cadaver syndrome ....Keltec21.01.10
What does Senator-elect Scott Brown and Henry B...A20.01.10