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MTV Movie Awards drop 13 percent in ratingsTMC08.06.10
It's Raining F-Bombs At MTV Movie AwardsTMC08.06.10
F-bombs and Women Kissing at the MTV Movie AwardsTMC08.06.10
(Updated) I Want My Effin' MTV - 100 Swears in ...TMC08.06.10
I Want My Effin? MTV: The VideoTMC08.06.10
[VIDEO] Katy Perry Boobalicious MTV Movie Award...TMC08.06.10
[Gossip] Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Johansson Ki...TMC08.06.10
MTV Movie Awards: 'Twilight' wins, Tom Cruise a...TMC07.06.10
*sigh* MTV Movie Awards tonight.TMC07.06.10
MTV packing "Jersey Shore" into its Movie AwardsTMC03.06.10
MTV picks up another UK teen remake: "The Inbet...TMC29.05.10
Tom Cruise re-enacts "Risky Business" for MTV M...TMC29.05.10
Children Re-enacting TMZUbiquitous21.05.10
"Jersey Shore" hit with another lawsuit, this t...TMC06.05.10
MTV to dump "Jersey Shore" stars for Season 3?TMC22.04.10
MTV to celebrate Green Day throughout AprilTMC07.04.10
Music videos are NOT dead on TVTMC06.04.10
Jeremy Shum talks about spanking experience wit...Chemistry02.04.10
REVIEW: MTV?s ?16 and Pregnant? Rewards Teen Mo...TMC02.04.10
Will MTV's "The Diary of Justin Bieber" explain...TMC25.03.10
MTV cancels "The Hills"TMC25.03.10
From UK to MTV: "Skins" character changes revealedTMC25.03.10
Aziz Ansari to host the 2010 MTV Movie AwardsTMC22.03.10
The Millenials: From The Greatest Generation to...TMC13.03.10
It's official: "Jersey Shore" is moving to MiamiTMC10.03.10
MTV sued over "Jersey Shore" fight editingTMC06.03.10
DJ Paulie performance updateWild Wilson02.03.10
Daria - Teaser Trailer Video Now Online for MTV...Ubiquitous12.02.10
MTV defends its new music-free logoTMC10.02.10
Bill O'Reilly: MTV Stupid for Lack of Transpare...TMC10.02.10
MTV's Big ChangeTMC10.02.10
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . .Heat Miser09.02.10
Nooooo! Is *nothing* sacred anymore?! MTV redes...Taylor08.02.10
MTV's new logo drops "music television" tagline...TMC08.02.10
MTV inching closer to a deal with "Jersey Shore...TMC28.01.10
"Jersey Shore" cast demanding a raiseTMC24.01.10
Heidi Montag: The monster we createdUbiquitous23.01.10
"Jersey Shore" has revitalized reality TVTMC23.01.10
An Open Letter To Conan O'Brien: Come To MTV!TMC23.01.10
The Hill's Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery Is 'A...Ubiquitous21.01.10
Sex on TV has turned into an "arms race"TMC21.01.10
MTV "Teen Mom" star allegedly choked by her motherTMC20.01.10
George Clooney to Host MTV Telethon...Ubiquitous14.01.10
Real-estate brokers are betting on a "Jersey Sh...TMC09.01.10
"Dawn of the Dead" is becoming an MTV seriesTMC09.01.10
Real World may be returning to New Orleans 10 y...Ubiquitous26.12.09
A peek inside the 'Real World' house in Washing...Ubiquitous26.12.09
MTV's Jersey Shore: Here's 'The Situation' -- D...Ubiquitous26.12.09
The REAL Situation (Feat. MTV Jersey Shore's Th...Ubiquitous26.12.09