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SCTV (Second City TV) & alumni discussions.

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Tony Rosato on Highlandervic arpeggio11.02.10
Did anyone in this group go to the Second City ...Cybernate08.02.10
Ricardo Montalban's shameful little secretvic arpeggio11.01.10
Dusty Towne Sexy Holiday Special on youtubecranched22.12.09
Bob and Doug Flash Christmas cartoonJim Bennie18.12.09
SCTV Golden Classicssctvguide16.12.09
SCTV lineup for Second City 50th Anniversaryvic arpeggio11.12.09
Dolly Parton does Stairway To Heavencranched08.12.09
Tony Rosatosctvguide05.12.09
San Fransica, Did u drove or did u flewPete Townshends C...19.11.09
God Bless Johnny La Rue!Pete Townshends C...19.11.09
Best Comedy Show Ever!Pete Townshends C...19.11.09
Andre Agassi uses the Rick Moranis Hair Replace...cranched11.11.09
Bob and Doug McKenzie sightingcranched21.10.09
Catherine on Curb Your EnthusiasmTrevor Stenson04.10.09
Once again, life imitates SCTVDr. Mabuse29.09.09
Any good forums for talking about theory of com...RS18.09.09
Tony RosatoCybernate16.09.09
The 3rd annual Benefit of Laughter/SCTV reunionTrevor Stenson13.09.09
And that's the way it isvic arpeggio18.07.09
Billy Crystal Hoursctvguide16.07.09
kitschy sites (Trev)Trevor Stenson15.07.09
Song at Jackson memorialAndy Rodriguez08.07.09
Juul Haalmeyer dancers with Melissa Manchester?cranched04.07.09
Fred Travelena diescranched29.06.09
TrollingSharita Coneys05.04.09
OT: Eugene Levy lookalikejuspate@gmail.com21.03.09
2009: Jupiter and Beyond - the time is now!Lafe News20.03.09
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...micw009@yahoo.com06.03.09
Good Quote for SCTV Fans!CountFloyd@monste...04.03.09
Happy Birthday, Catherine O'Hara!vic arpeggio04.03.09
dvds for first 3 seasons wantedhiwatt75@yahoo.com15.02.09
This is hilarious.......juspate@gmail.com08.02.09
SCTV Video Clips!kevfan0105.02.09
Sons of the Desert for SCTV?Cybernate04.02.09
Song Helpchrisstorrow@gmai...03.02.09
Dr. Tongue referenced on Super Bowl pregame showAndy Rodriguez02.02.09
Moranis op-ed in NY TimesAndy Rodriguez02.02.09
New local radio adelaich08.01.09
Are you with me Dr.?Trevor Stenson08.01.09
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...wmic007@yahoo.com02.01.09
Reconstructing the Seasons 1 - 3 showsShark05.12.08
SCTV Precognized The Lost Toolbox In Spacetoonguy8501.12.08
Test from VirginMediaPaul Morris28.11.08
Christmas With SCTVAndy Rodriguez06.11.08
Earl Camembert projects McCain victory 5 minute...e-y-ir@hotmail.com05.11.08
I can't decide who to vote for or watch?Trevor Stenson01.11.08
** ELECTION UPDATE ** Jackie Rogers Jr. Drops ...trowfaz17.10.08
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...kevwongpg@yahoo.com11.08.08
"Lust for Paint" reference on Countdownvic arpeggio08.08.08