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Obummer: I'm gonna "kick some ass"**BIGstick**09.06.10
Anybody else have problems opening Internet Exp...Dick Hertz05.06.10
Would it be wrong to laugh at this?M'Balz Es-Hari04.06.10
Your thoughts & prayers neededNot-So-Big Al04.06.10
Education for women encourages obesity, lesbian...put upon02.06.10
And they called Bush a "Religous Nut"? ....**BIGstick**02.06.10
Al Gore and Tipper dead, yoDick Hertz02.06.10
Possible boner buster.....Dick Hertz25.05.10
Philly fan gets tasered.....Dick Hertz06.05.10
Every hetrosexual man's dream comes true ...**BIGstick**05.05.10
Shahzad in deep shiznit, yoDick Hertz05.05.10
ANDREW MEROLA was one of the Gambino Crime Fami...www.COMPUTERCRAFT...02.05.10
I did not know that...M'Balz Es-Hari01.05.10
WTF shop at walgreens LOLfrag27.04.10
South Park creators dead, yo....Dick Hertz21.04.10
Kumar robbed at gunpoint in DCDick Hertz21.04.10
Gambino family busted, yoDick Hertz21.04.10
Obama supporter / actor robbed?**BIGstick**21.04.10
New World Order Lackey Promises Oklahoma - Styl...Pisano19.04.10
"Special Broadcast" - Alex Jones as The Joker ...Pisano15.04.10
Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke at JEC Hearing 4/14/10Pisano15.04.10
How many Polacks does it take to crash a plane?Dick Hertz11.04.10
Malcolm McLaren DeadJudge Mental08.04.10
Does this happen in YOUR neighborhood too?Big Al Tomatoes08.04.10
Miracle on the Hudson? Can we not give credit w...**BIGstick**07.04.10
Who killed Tony Soprano?**BIGstick**06.04.10
Best Jessica Rabbit Lookalikeput upon06.04.10
Duck FukeDick Hertz06.04.10
The "people" of Uganda ... living and killing i...**BIGstick**05.04.10
Boner Buster 4/2/10Dick Hertz02.04.10
In honor of the recent Macca posts.....Dick Hertz01.04.10
Ricky Martin gay, yoDick Hertz30.03.10
episode 104Neil Gerace28.03.10
The Military KNOWS Israel did 911Pisano23.03.10
Alex Jones' Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Tru...Pisano23.03.10
Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 pre...Pisano22.03.10
Alex Jones Breaks Down What's Really in Stalini...Pisano22.03.10
***HEY GUYS, CAN ANYWON THINK OF A GOOD PUN FOR...Wavy G, World Sav...17.03.10
The return of a log lost friend...M'Balz Es-Hari13.03.10
Pre-SST: Da tings dey do wit terlets dese days!!!Not-So-Big Al10.03.10
WHY???Not-So-Big Al10.03.10
Corey Haim dead, yo!Not-So-Big Al10.03.10
More proof that Lindsay Lohan is still on drugsDick Hertz10.03.10
Alex Jones exposes attempt to demonize 9/11 Tru...Pisano09.03.10
1000 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth sig...Pisano09.03.10
Proof that 9/11 Truthers Are Dangerous!!!Pisano09.03.10
When Ass-Enhancements go Bad......Dick Hertz09.03.10
I always knew this guy was an asshole...M'Balz Es-Hari09.03.10
the sister's temperOphelia Phanjephl...08.03.10
Massholes in the newsDick Hertz03.03.10