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The Shield on SpikeOscartheGrouch04.06.10
Burn Notice season starts!Jeremy04.06.10
WTHEHT...Russell Watson03.06.10
Claudette - Robocop3couillion04.05.10
I am watching The WireSlayah01.05.10
Damages - Season Finale tonight!topcat19.04.10
Damages 4/5/2010~vi06.04.10
Breaking Bad SpoilerOscartheGrouch05.04.10
The Mentalist April FoolKT300001.04.10
New Human Target tonightKT300010.03.10
For TCKT300009.03.10
Cupping: Effective Medical Treatmentsaly4408.03.10
Under the KnifeRussell Watson06.03.10
Burn Notice~vi06.03.10
Cities jumping over each other to get Google fiberpoldy04.03.10
Catherine DentSlayah04.03.10
Reminder: New Chuck tonightKT300001.03.10
Hill Street BluesSlayah01.03.10
Anton the basketball refereeSlayah01.03.10
Dollhouse endingBruins7215.02.10
How to Get Thousands of TV Channels on Your PCDavid Martin12.02.10
After three hundred nine years of sleepsaly4411.02.10
Last Monday's Chuck KT300010.02.10
Human Target tonightKT300010.02.10
Finally, Damages in Real Time~vi09.02.10
Jersey Shore KT300008.02.10
Ablution and health puritysaly4408.02.10
Burn Notice 1/28 Omar and Vega SPOILERSinfodex@mindsprin...29.01.10
"Defying Gravity"...Russell Watson25.01.10
You Ask And The Islam is your Birthrightsaly4423.01.10
Walter Goggins sightinginfodex@mindsprin...21.01.10
OT - Burn Notice starts tonighttopcat21.01.10
"Chuck"Russell Watson19.01.10
Wagenbach on Brothers and Sisterspoldy19.01.10
David Aceveda on "24"Elzee3619.01.10
Human Target premieres tonightKT300018.01.10
Archer starts toniteRay O'Hara14.01.10
"Chuck" tonight!Russell Watson10.01.10
Robot ChickenRussell Watson02.01.10
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KT300001.01.10
A moving (living) creature on earthsaly4428.12.09
Merry Christmas!Slayah24.12.09
Hey TC!Slayah23.12.09
The new buzz on antibioticssaly4413.12.09
CastleRay O'Hara08.12.09
Finally Watcing Season 7...are those her panties?PinstripeSniper07.12.09