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Steve "Scumbag Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Terrorist" Carroll Doesn't Understand Generosity Re: What will happen if the sun rises -AGAIN ;-)

Von: Snarky (popesnarky@caballista.organ) [Profil]
Datum: 06.11.2008 02:25
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On Wed, 05 Nov 2008 16:35:13 -0800, Steve Carroll wrote these lies,
denials, arrogant assertions, erroneous presuppositions, and/or
> On Nov 5, 9:57 am, Snit wrote:
>> "Snarky" stated on 11/5/08 2:02 AM:
>> >>>>>>>> Do you agree with Carroll that it is fine to
call gays
>> >>>>>>>> "parasites"? To be fair, I think he
said only those with kids
>> >>>>>>>> were "parasites."
>> >>>>>>> To be fair? Since when were you ever interested in
>> >>>>>>> anything but a liar? I made a comment in a thread
about gay
>> >>>>>>> marriage... that was the context. For you, because
you got all
>> >>>>>>> confused like you always do
>> >>>>>> That's Snit.
>> >>>>>> You don't have to explain.
>> >>>>> Please note: Steve Carroll did not rescind hi calling of
>> >>>>> parents "parasites."
>> >>>>> I'm sorry... but this is a fact. They cannot reproduce at
all and
>> >>>>> they cannot rear without being parasitic on a heterosexual
>> >>>>> Don't blame me, blame nature.
>> >>>>> Steve cannot imagine how it can be good for a gay couple
to raise
>> >>>>> kids... they are not showing love and helping the child,
in his
>> >>>>> mind, when they do so - they are being
"parasites", something that
>> >>>>> lives off another without providing anything in return.
Yes, that
>> >>>>> is what Steve Carroll said of gay parents: they return
>> >>>>> they are merely "parasites." Grossly offensive
and bigoted.
>> >>>> You *claim* this, yet,  as I have shown, you
agreed with me. How
>> >>>> do you explain that, Snit?
>> >>>> (snip Snit's other lies)
>> >>> Even if Snit ever did agree with you that gays were parasites who
>> >>> "live off others without providing anything in return"
he has
>> >>> clearly rescinded that view. Will you?  I bet you are
just being
>> >>> your normal fuckhead self and lying.  What lies did
Snit tell that
>> >>> you snipped?  I bet none.  If he had lied
you would be all over
>> >>> him for it.
>> >> Snit read my comments *after* I clarified, just for him, what my
>> >> position is, Mr. Extremely Obvious Snit Shill'.. Notably, Snit
>> >> stated:
>> >> "I do believe we share similar ideas about the rights of all
people -
>> >> gay, straight, black, white, green, blue, or plaid.  I
know we
>> >> bicker and call each other names.  I know we do not like
each other,
>> >> at least as we portray ourselves in Usenet... but I do not, now,
>> >> believe that you are bigoted against gays or any other group based on
>> >> your reply here.  I still disagree with your use of the
>> >> "parasite"; I do not think it applies.  But that
is not the same as
>> >> thinking or claiming you being a bigot.
>> >> While many things are "fair game" in our asinine fights,
making such
>> >> allegations against you, when you have now claimed otherwise in a
>> >> seemingly sincere way, would simply be wrong and disingenuous.
>> >> have no desire to do that".
>> >> Ask Snit how I was not, in his opinion, a bigot on this issue the day
>> >> after I wrote what he just claimed was "Grossly offensive and
>> >> bigoted", yet, today I am a bigot. Snit has a consistency
>> >> gee, it can't be that he's merely trolling, can it?
>> >> Hint: You are as bad at this as Snit is, Mr. Shill
>> > Simple: At the time, he was generously giving you the benefit of the
>> > doubt -- that you didn't mean what you seemed to mean. As I have no
>> > compunctions about not giving you such benefit, I will happily call
>> > you an ignorant, homophobic bigot and probable repressed gay, because
>> > it's fitting. FTR, gay and lesbian couples are every bit as capable of
>> > raising children as straight couples, and there is absolutely no
>> > statistical data to the contrary, which has any scientific merit at
>> > all.
>> There is a simple way we can end this... really.
> So... you'll be telling everyone why you claimed I was not a bigot the day
> after I wrote a statement that you just finished labeling as "Grossly
> offensive and bigoted", yet, today you're calling me a bigot over it, Mr.
> Hypocritical Lying Troll?

Is my explanation not good enough for you, Stevie?

> I keep telling you... people just aren't as stupid as you need them to be.

And I keep telling you -- people are sometimes overly-generous with you,

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