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Looking for good! Offline Reader

Von: Axel Schlicht (meiwakudome@email.de) [Profil]
Datum: 08.07.2007 01:41
Message-ID: <z5jdjowggeio.3wlkelo3sxdv$.dlg@40tude.net>
Newsgroup: alt.usenet.offline-reader
Hi all

I am looking for an offline reader capable of the following

1. Absolutely necessary
Retrieve all headers and all bodies for all groups with one click / command

2. Absolutely necessary
give a list of all subscribed groups, handy if you want to change readers

3. Absolutely necessary
show which group is saved where
thus enabling me to selectively backup stuff

4. Absolutely necessary
support multiple languages and writing systems, minimum:
Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
Asian Languages:
CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) all possible encodings
Hindi and others written in Devanagari
Some Language come in different encodings, like CJK, so whenever the
program is to stupid to recognize the encoding or the sender program was to
daft to properly describe the encodng used, I would like to switch
encodings with one or two clicks / key strokes.

As most programs are to stupid to work properly here, I would like to be
able to configure everything manually liks
Subject : encoding -> font for fixed font : use this font
Subject : encoding -> font for variable font : use that font
Body : encoding -> font for fixed font : use this font
Body : encoding -> font for variable font : use that font

5. Absolutely necessary
Display groups in "groups", like forte agents desks

6. Absolutely necessary
Search for fields like Subject, Author, or content in one, a few or all

7. Absolutely necessary
Sort by date (preserving tree structure), author, subject etc.

8. Highly desired
Keep all messages until I delete them or keep messages for a very long
period of time, like 1000 days. NO auto delete.

Global settings and per group setting
Whenever I add a group it should inherit all global settings and then I can
customize it. Languages should be globally configurable. That is, I want to
define all Asian encodings once and then assign a default language to every

Forte does not support 5, every group appears twice, in "all folders" and
the respective desk. 40tude lets me insert dividers, but that's quite clmsy

Forte and 40tude don't support 3 and 4. reading CJK with them is absolutely
impossible. Thunderbird is better, but also fails way to often
40tude let's me change the encoding for a body, but refuses to show CJK
characters, instead it display them as ascii (looking like this:
$BA0$K$bFI) or I only get blank quares.

thunderbird does not support 1

none of the above mentioned supports 2

Freeware of course preferred, but after having spent / wasted so much time
with inferior stuff, I'm also willing to cough up whatever is necessary.

As I have all above mentioned languages and fonts installed on my box, it
should work, but 40tude, forte and thunderbird don't display correctly.
European languages and Russian are no problem, asian languages are a joke.
And I don't want to save every single message, convert it, open it in a
text processor to read it.

My system: Windows 2000 US SP4 + rollup

Much as I hate windows and like linux, using multiple languages under linux
is still far from being usable - windows is also lacking a lot, but at
least it's barely usable. So I will go for a Windows program.

Any help will be appreciated.


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