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[ANN] MacSOUP 2.8.3 available

Von: Stefan Haller (stk.usenet@haller-berlin.de) [Profil]
Datum: 15.12.2009 23:24
Message-ID: <1jasft2.1w46mf41trzz0kN%stk.usenet@haller-berlin.de>
Newsgroup: uk.comp.sys.mac comp.sys.mac.apps comp.sys.mac.comm alt.usenet.offline-reader
The 2.8.3 version of MacSOUP is available.

This is a bugfix release, it fixes the following problems:

- Worked around a possible crash on startup with certain kinds of
Address Book corruption.
- With very large Address Books, typing in the address fields of an
email editor window was very sluggish.
- The Services menu now works in Snow Leopard.
- MacSOUP's scripting dictionary can be opened again with the
AppleScript editor in Leopard.
- Minor fixes.

Available from:


(Please note that the home of MacSOUP has changed; the old web-site (at
http://home.snafu.de/stk/) is going to be closed.)

Stefan Haller
Berlin, Germany

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