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slrn & .newsrc Problem

Von: Chick Tower (c.tower@deadspam.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.12.2009 04:10
Message-ID: <pan.2009.>
Newsgroup: alt.usenet.offline-reader
I'm using three free newsservers, since none of them are entirely reliable
or carry all the newsgroups I want to read.  I'm using slrnpull with three
different slrnpull.conf files in three different directories in my home
directory.  That seems to be working fine, but, as I've never before used
slrn or slrnpull, it could be this is the root of my problem.  I am able
to download messages and headers, though.

When I use slrn to read the messages, I use different configuration files
and .newsrc files for the three servers, and I specify them on the command
line.  No matter what I try, slrn doesn't seem to pay any attention to
.newsrc files that are saved after I use slrn.  I have verified that they
are saved when I exit slrn, or if I force a save.  I had to use the
--create parameter to create each .newsrc file the first time I used slrn
with each server's spool (as was to be expected), but afterwards if I
leave off that parameter and rerun slrn, there appear to be no groups or
messages for slrn to read.  It's as if there is no .newsrc file to use.
If I use the --create parameter again, I overwrite whatever changes I made
before, such as reading messages, so I'm back to the initial conditions.
That won't work if I want to read just messages I haven't seen or marked
as read before, which is what I understand to be one of the functions of
.newsrc files. slrn does seem to allow me to see and read the messages,
but, as I said, I've never used it before.

Have any of you ever seen such behavior, and have any suggestions to
change it?  Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Chick Tower

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