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Question about playing self-made disks

Von: jw@eldorado.com [Profil]
Datum: 01.02.2009 16:50
Message-ID: <t4gbo4lpqrmj9vmhsermqupf0jt02ls5bc@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: alt.video.dvdr alt.video.dvd.tech
I have a Sony CDP-CE505 so-called compact disk player.
It plays only CD-R disks, not DVD.  Audio, not video.
I like it because it has a 5-disk carousel tray.

It plays store-bought CD-R audio disks fine.
It plays CD-R audio disks made from a few selectively downloaded MP3
audio clips, using WMP fine.

I tried to use OpD2d to record 10-minutes of a small live broadcast.
I made a CD-R audio disk of the MP3 OpD2d saved.
The resulting disk will not play in my CDP-CE505.
Interestingly, the disk will play in my RCA DVD player, as well as in
both of my car players. as well as in WMP on my computer.

I did this twice with same result.  I have examined the content of the
disks that play and those that do not.  They all appear similar - with
so-called 'track files' (CDA)

So, my question is - Does this mean that any live broadcast disks I
create will not play on some players?  That may present a problem down
the road.


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