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I still can't make audio disks that will play

Von: jw@eldorado.com [Profil]
Datum: 03.02.2009 15:22
Message-ID: <bnigo45begade3ubq3btoggscutro5kav3@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: alt.video.dvdr alt.video.dvd.tech
Well, I have tried many things.

To review, I have two standalone players in my home theater setup.
One is a RCA single disk DVD player.  The other is a SONY CDP-CE505
five disk (carousel) CD player.  I am trying to burn audio disks on my
XP SP2 computer from .MP3 files.  The result is that when I burn a
multi-track (.cda files) CD disk, it will always play on the RCA, but
almost never will play on the SONY.  Sometimes it will, however.
I am using Taiyo Yuden and Memorex CD-R's.  The program CDSPEED shows
identical disk contents.

This is what I have tried.   I added a burner drive to my computer so
that now I have a SONY DRU-180A PATA (IDE) DVD burner and a TSST
SH_S203N SATA DVD burner.  I used ITUNES to burn two identical CD
Memorex disks at MAX speeds in the two computer drives.  Both play
fine on the computer. Both play fine in the RCA player.  Neither play
in the SONY player.  I reduced the burn speeds for both drives to a
ridiculous 1X and repeated the test.  I got the same results. However,
I accidentally left the one that I burned in the SONY burner in the
SONY player with the latter left on, and suddenly after about 5
minutes, the danged disk started playing!  To prove I wasn't seeing
things I repeated the test. and after the same delay the disk played
again!  I tried the other duplicate disk in the SONY player, and it
would not play, even after many minutes.

The only thing I can think to try is another computer.  I don't have
one right now, but maybe I can assemble one.  Think that is worth a
try?  Anyone?


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