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Problem with Lightscribe

Von: jw@eldorado.com [Profil]
Datum: 11.09.2009 11:43
Message-ID: <v65ka5t5v4aguk6i9b5vopm5s4ot0u68sh@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: alt.video.dvdr alt.comp.hardware
I have a new LG SATA GH22LS50 burner with which I wanted to experiment
to try Lightscribe to label disks.  I ordered some Verbatim
Lightscribe DVD-R disks at the same time.   I also bought a few HP
DVD+R Lightscribe disks, which I started using first.

All went well.  I recorded one set of pictures, using NERO V7, flipped
the disk and wrote a label, using 'Lightscribe Simple Labeler', with
no problem.

Then I tried again, this time using a Verbatim disk instead. Amazingly
(to me), when I flipped and re-inserted the disk for labeling after
recording the same pictures the same way,  Lightscribe Simple Labeler
would not accept the disk.  In fact, the LG drive became locked, and I
could in no way open the LG tray.  The only way I could unlock the
tray was to power down and re-boot.  After that, I could not only
re-insert the disk, but Lightscribe Simple Labeler labeled the disk

I repeated the sequence,  using another Verbatim disk,  to see if the
problem might be unique to the particular disk, but the same thing
happened again.

Could this be because the HP disk was DVD+R and the Verbatim disk was
DVD-R?  That is the only difference I can see.



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