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OT: But interesting: APP interviews Barbara Schwarz about the beyond

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APP (Anonymous Press Pioneer):  Hello again, Barbara, let's talk about
some of your latest Usenet postings...

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Hi… Okay. But perhaps you should make clear at the
beginning of this interview that you are not a member of the mask-
wearing non-religious crowd that calls itself Anonymous.

APP: They believe that I am one of them? That is hilarious!

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Some sure think that you are one of them and others
think that you are me.

APP:  Not that I am you?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): No, nobody believes that.

APP: How disappointing.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Guess some of these Chans and masked people think
that anybody who does something anonymous belongs automatically to

APP: The term "anonymous" is not a protected trademark. Have people
forgotten the  Anonymous Informer also called "AI" who posted on
alt.religion.scientology long before  group Anonymous ever heard of

BARBARA SCHWARZ:  I read that the average age of a person who edits
Wikipiggy articles is only 17 years old, and I think that is also the
average age of the Anonymous gang. A few years ago, they still were
wearing diapers. They hardly could read when the Anonymous Informer
posted on ARS.

APP: After having established that I am not one of them, let's cut to
the chase. Do you believe in ghosts, Barbara?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): Only in Caspar. He is so cute… Why do you
ask me this crap?

APP: I've read some of your postings about thetans without bodies.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Then you haven't read them thoroughly because a
thetan is not a ghost.

APP: Is your definition of thetan the same as L. Ron Hubbard's?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, absolutely. - Some people call it soul or spirit
but L. Ron Hubbard defined it much clearer and better. The thetan is
the individual, the spiritual being that has a body and has a mind and
who handles his or her body. A thetan is the person himself  or
herself — not his/her body or his/her name, his/her mind or anything
else. The thetan is YOU or ME or anyone else who has a body.

APP: I'm still not convinced that I'm a thetan.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: So, who is that person inside of you then?

APP:  It's me of course.


APP: Haha! Trying to trick me into revealing my identity? I'm APP.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I know your real identity… But who is that who says
he is APP?

APP: I told you already, it's me.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Does your body say that you are APP?

APP: No, I'm saying it.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: As your body wasn't saying it, so who is I?

APP: Me!

BARBARA SCHWARZ:  I try to make you see something. Tell me what you

APP: A person, a human being…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: And what will you be when your body dies?

APP: A dead dude? I don't know…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Do you think your personality dies with the body?

APP: I don’t know. Hope not.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: What is that inside of your body that has these good
feelings but also sometimes anger and fear…

APP: That is me of course…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: If you would be just a body, you could not have
feelings because a body without a thetan is dead and has no feelings
as nobody is there.

APP: I am not just a body but also something spiritual that can

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Did you ever see a dead person in her eyes?

APP: I saw once a diseased person but somebody closed her eyes fast.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Because just the body stares at you but the person,
the thetan has left the body.  Eyes with a thetan behind them look
completely different. You can see the thetan usually behind a person's
eyes when she has a body. When you see a dead body again, look her in
the eyes, then go to a person who has not died and compare. You will
see the thetan, you will see the difference. And the difference is
that transparent cloud that varies in size, it can be real small, as
big as a golf ball or a tennis ball or even like a much bigger ball or
cloud. And if nothing of this helps, if you still can't see it, film
the dying process of a person  with a good camera against a black
background tand see the thetan then, the transparent cloud emerging
from the dying body.

Okay, let's try another approach. Do you love your son and daughter?

APP: Of course.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Which part of you loves your son and daughter? Your
spine, your nerves, your brain?

APP: I would say that my heart loves my daughter and my son.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: And if you would have a heart disease and your heart
would be exchanged with an artificial heart, would you then no longer
love your daughter and son?

APP: You got me there…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Try to find out who that is who says "I" and who is
aware of himself and who has those many feelings and then you will
come to the conclusion that you are not a body but a spiritual being,
a  thetan who is not a body and a mind but who HAS a body and a mind.

APP: The Church of Scientology says that a thetan is immortal. Do you

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, under normal circumstances, I agree.

APP: Just under normal circumstances?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Let's say, Grandma dies. One morning you try to bring
her a cup of tea and find her dead in her bed. In her hands, she still
holds the Magazine "Most Beautiful Brides of 1913" and she has a smile
on her face but there is no life anymore in that body of hers. That
means that she, the thetan, the personality, the spirit that IS your
Grandma has left her old body. The body is left like an old coat but
your Grandma is still alive but has no body anymore. The thetan lives
on and is immortal if nobody messes with Grandma after she has died.

APP: Who the hell would mess with my Grandma after she died?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Bad people. Many other people make a mistake by
thinking that all existing knowledge and technology is known to the
broad public. But it is not. It  can be proven that a person is a
thetan and that a thetan is immortal but a thetan can be seriously
messed up and taken apart and not just implanted together with bad
thetans trying to pervert the better thetan. Scientologists should be
aware of this as the Scientology creed says souls that have the same
rights as a person. If nothing bad could be done to a thetan or soul,
why does it then need rights?

APP: Now it is the soul, not the thetan?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Apparently, it should say thetan and not soul in the
Scientology creed. I find it wrong that the Scientology creed uses the
word soul instead of thetan, and I am sure that it wasn't L. Ron
Hubbard who mixed these terms up.

APP: You just said that the thetan is spiritual. How can somebody
track and destroy something spiritual?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: The thetan is indeed spiritual but consists of a tiny
bit of material. This is good and bad news…

APP: Why is that good and bad news?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Good news because a family could see how thetan
Grandma leaves the body and where she goes and where she takes a new
body and is born again as baby. The death of grandma could be filmed
with a good camera and the family would see a tiny cloud leaving the
body at the moment of death. She goes exterior and now she has mixed
feeling. On one hand, she feels great as nothing bothers her anymore.
On the other hand, she sees her family weep and they don't hear her
saying that she is still alive and don't see that she still is in the
room trying to get their attention. The bad news is, also bad people
can track a bodyless thetan and lure it in a trap and destroy

APP: What kind of camera?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: A good one. An infrared camera would be a good
Here is a YouTube video and a photographer tells you how she captured
orbs on film.
The funny thing is that they seem to call names into the night to
attract them. (Laughs) Guess when you call names like Jim, John, Karen
and Susan, many come as many had those names when they had bodies.


APP: She says she doesn't know what they are.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: But I know what they are: thetans without bodies.

APP: Are thetans without bodies body thetans?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Well, there are thetans who have a body like you.
Then there are thetans without bodies because they died like your
great-grandfather. Thetans without bodies can be good or bad, just as
they were good or bad when they had bodies. Some bad thetans without
bodies, when they see you, they throw themselves over you and make you
feel miserable, depressed and creepy because you can sense how
horrible they were and are when they are all over you. Visit the
basement and attics of old German houses and pay attention how they
make you feel when they attack you just for showing up. They have not
much power. They have no arms and no weapons. Many would like to kill
you but with what? Exactly… Some might attach themselves onto you but
you can make them leave and often they leave on their own again. But
there are these who are hard to get rid of: destroyed thetans, parts
of thetans that have germ and bacteria bodies and attack your body and
give you allergies and make you sick. They are at and in your body and
cause you cancer, most of the time activated by secret service
doctors. And there are thetans with bodies, in other word, criminal
SEGNPMSS people who use silent sounds to talk into your subconscious
mind to bring you down. These are forms of "body thetans" that I

APP: If that is true, why doesn't the media report about it?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: It is a secret German world. Nothing that is not
SEGNPMSS approved is released to the broad public. Many people make a
mistake by thinking that all existing knowledge and technology is
known to the broad public. But it is not. Secret services keep
technology and methods secret, and this includes technology and
methods to track and destroy thetans after they left their bodies.
They know a lot more than they publish and they also lie to their very
own agents.

APP: And how do they know more? Are they geniuses who discovered these

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, they are just criminal peeping Tom's. They spy on
others as they did spied on L. Ron Hubbard and found that he was right
in anything he discovered. Particularly the psychiatrists of the
German SEGNPMSS who secretly control secret services of other
countries don't want people to know that he was right. You do not have
to say goodbye to somebody you love. Death of a body could mean
nothing more than changing a coat.

APP: Secret Services spied on L. Ron Hubbard?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Sure they did. They spy also on me. And if they spy
on me, they also spied on him. These evil people, "scientists" and
psychiatrists are working mainly for German secret services who track
thetans with the intention to separate those who love each other and
those who want to stay together, and they make horrible experiments on
them. They trap thetans without bodies in all kinds of traps and
implant and destroy thetans and by doing so, these idiots are
forgetting that whatever they do to others can and will be done also
to them and their loved ones if their methods are not published and
outlawed. There is always a bad guy who does also something bad to the
other bad guy. And those corrupt idiots seem not to realize that.

APP: Some people call you crazy because you make such statements.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Of course they lie about me because they are robots
run by the SEGNPMSS who wants to conceal these data from the broad
public. They radio their stupid defamers through their ear implants to
lie that I am nuts to make other people fall for it and stop reading
what I am writing to keep the truth further concealed. It sure does
not need a genius to figure out why I am being defamed…

APP: Wait, wait… You posted recently on alt.religion.scientology about
orbs. Are orbs thetans?


APP: I found no Church of Scientology publication saying that orbs are

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Seems that Scientology orgs forgot about orbs. Quite
some L. Ron Hubbard research was stolen from the Scientology orgs. It
was simply removed on orders of the secret services that I just
mentioned to keep mankind further in the dark.

APP: So, there is no LRH policy or bulletin saying that a thetan is an

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I don't think there is one anymore but L. Ron Hubbard
said that a thetan is a spiritual being, the person itself without a
body and consists of a tiny bit of matter and can be seen and
measured. There you have it. These spiritual entities with a little
bit of transparent matter that some people capture are responsive

APP: Scientologists probably call you a "squirrel"…

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laugs): Only those who never heard what L. Ron
Hubbard said and discovered and those who don't think for themselves.
And those people, I do not call Scientologists.

APP: People who filmed orbs do not really know what they are. These
"orbs" look like balls, frisbees, dust balls, rain drops, smoke, cones
of lights. People who film them also believe in UFO's, bigfoot, and
the tooth fairy.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Hey, hey, Bigfoot exists, it is supposed to be me.
(Laughs) You don't believe in the truth fairy? How come? What about
unicorns? (Laughs) But seriously, some of these videos show indeed
forged and false orbs but some of those videos show the real deal.

APP: I'm not convinced…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Nobody can convince anybody about the existence of
thetans  (orbs). You have to see them yourselves and decide what they
are. Real orbs are no dust, rain drops, smoke or cones of lights, they
are thetans, people, individuals but also animals without bodies. You
should be very interested in that subject, after all, where they are,
you will go too one day. How they look, you will look too after your
body has died.

APP: How I will look? Where I will go? You put the fear of God into
me! Why not how you look and where you go?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs):  Without body, I look just like them, okay,
probably better than many… (laughs) …but you are getting the idea.
There is no reason to creep out unless you find yourself creepy. You
are such an orb, such a thetan who has a body, and in average of 75
years you lose your body and then you are just a small transparent
cloud, a thetan without body and you look like an orb.

APP: That should make me feel good?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: As more you know as better for you. And why are you
not happy? Knowing that you do not cease to exist after leaving your
body behind can now be scientific proven.

APP: And you think that seeing some dusty or cloudy stuff makes me
into a believer?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, likely not, but if somebody dies in the family,
people could film the dying process of the person with a very good
camera and a very clean lens as they could capture how the transparent
cloud leaves the body of grandma, and that cloud is grandma. She can't
hold on anymore to the old and sick body and is going exterior.

APP: I'll tell my grandma tonight, she will be either thrilled or
freak out. Will it work also with grandpa?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: With anybody. You could also film and observe that
with a dying dog or another pet.

APP: A little cloud emerges when Pluto dies?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I bet you can capture that on film.

APP: You're saying that L. Ron Hubbard discovered this first?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: That is exactly what I am saying. Once more, L. Ron
Hubbard, the founder of Scientology researched the human being and his/
her mind and discovered that a person does not have a soul but that he
or she IS that spirit who has a mind and a body. In order not getting
his exact scientific finding mix it up with unspecific definitions as
soul, spirit, entity or even ghost, he named it thetan. To make things
very clear, he said that the person does not have a soul but that the
person IS that soul (thetan) and HAS a mind and a body.
APP: Scientology axioms say life is a static and has no mass, no
motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time but has the
ability to postulate and to perceive… But you say life is a bit matter
and can be seen through a camera and can move around?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: The thetan is life. The thetan on its own or unified
with all other or some other thetans, that is life. God is a thetan
too just a lot better and mightier and wiser than other thetans. It is
true that a thetan (which can be seen on videos as "orb") can
postulate and perceive. But it can also move, fly, has a wavelength
and a location in space. Actually, a thetan can move in a hellish or
better heavenly fast speed.
APP: Are you saying that the Axioms are false?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I say that some is altered and that they are no
longer L. Ron Hubbard's original axioms. Just look at it this way: a
Scientology auditor uses the e-meter to locate charge, grief, problems
of a person (thetan). The e-meter can measure spiritual charge. If a
thetan would be nothing except being able to perceive and postulate,
would have no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no motion, no location
in space or in time, how would the auditor be able to measure the
thetan's spiritual problems and help him out of there if there is
nothing to measure because all it can do is perceiving and
postulating? Also, if the thetan is not able to move, how the hell did
it get in the body? German psychiatric secret service programs cover
up that the thetan consist of a tiny bit of matter.
APP:  Why would they do that? Why would a German psychiatric secret
service be interested in spirits, I mean in thetans of diseased
BARBARA SCHWARZ: For different reasons. One is that they like to trap
and steal thetans from foreign countries and plant them into bodies in
their country and pass them off as their nationals when in fact these
thetans never would have otherwise gone to Germany to pick up a body
over there. They do that to uplift their Germany because when that
person becomes famous again, they can claim that it is a German and
that Germany has these smart and great people and that it is the best
country and should lead the world and be worshipped. I bet a gazillion
bucks with you that the SEGNPMSS has a program for stealing great
thetans to Germany and passing them off as Germans, and they did it
also to L. Ron Hubbard.
APP: Many Scientologists will be very disappointed reading this. They
think he never would fall in a German psychiatric secret service trap.
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Oh, they can't defeat him! He is the greatest because
while the SEGNPMSS thought they had him trapped, he comes alive inside
of me to get the truth out. He does not just work with one body. You
recognize the  real OT by that he is not  defeated even if his enemies
think they got him now. (Laughs.) He is absolutely brilliant. I know
that Germany did not allow L. Ron Hubbard to enter Germany but after
their medical doctors ambushed and killed him, they kidnapped L. Ron
Hubbard, the thetan to Germany and handed him to a poor and
dysfunctional family. If he makes it to be famous and riches despite
the unfair poor start, they will pass him around as their own. But
they also want to control him as they do NOT want original Scientology
back for the broad public. Only their top secret service guys and p
$ychiatrists want the technology for themselves. That is another
reason why he was kidnapped to Germany. For control reasons. Anyway,
the truth will come out and I am telling it already and while the
SEGNPMSS think they won, history will show what hypocrites and
criminals they are. While the SEGNPMSS thinks they are in control,
they miss out on how many levels L. Ron Hubbard postulated the
survival of his magnificent research and that includes also his very
own rescue from Germany in the future.
APP: Do you have any evidence?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Why do you think that secret services leave their
calling card after they committed unthinkable crimes? Does the word
"secret" mean anything to you? But here is a taste of what I mean
about kidnapping others to uplift Germany.  Reichsführer Himmer
screamed this on October 4, 1943 in Poznan: "One basic principal must
be the absolute rule for the SS man: we must be honest, decent, loyal,
and comradely to members of our own blood and to nobody else. What
happens to a Russian, to a Czech, does not interest me in the
slightest. What the nations can offer in good blood of our type, we
will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them
with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death
interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture;
otherwise, it is of no interest to me. Whether 10.000 Russian females
fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interest me
only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished. We
shall never be rough and heartless when it is not necessary, that is
clear. We Germans, who are the only people in the world who have a
decent attitude towards animals, will also assume a decent attitude
towards these human animals...
APP: But a thetan has no bloodline, he is a spirit, isn't he?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Himmler was a liar. He was not interested in blood as
blood doesn't do much. Good people, good thetans is what they wanted,
which they would falsely pass on as their own. They do not just kidnap
little girls and boys but also thetans without bodies because
stupidly, no relatives do claim them.
Remember the many horrible experiments that were done by doctors and
psychiatrists to  Jews and other minorities under Hitler? Well, the
SEGNPMSS is still so obsessed with ruling the fate of people that they
do not only mess around with bodies of people but also with the
personalities, the thetans, the spirits, the souls, the orbs and make
horrible experiments to them. They trick and implant thetans
frequently into taking bodies that are of another gender than they
would have chosen by themselves. For example, as a man, they would
implant you to take a female body and reverse if a thetan had a female
time track, they implant her to into a male body. This causes
confusion and is the cause of homosexuality. Or they trick a thetan to
take an animal body or worst, they degrade beings and destroy the
thetan into small parts. A thetan can't be killed but completely
destroyed in billions of parts. Let's say, after you died, they target
you and suck you in a thetan trap. They split you, the person in
smallest parts and implant these parts in germ bodies. You still exist
but your parts could be spread all over the world and you would be
never the same.
APP: The thetans of other famous people could be trapped and planted
into a German family too? Like the thetans of Elvis Presley, Albert
Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Mother Theresa,
MLK, JFK, JFK jr, Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindberg, Sitting Bull,
Mark Twain,  Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Quincy Adams,
Andrew Jackson, John Caldwell Calhoun, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster,
Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Stephen Grover Cleveland, Woodrow
Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Ulysses Simpson
Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, Robert Edward Lee, Thomas Jonathan
"Stonewall" Jackson, George Catlett Marshall, Harry S. Truman,
Douglas. MacArthur, John Marshall, Edward Douglass White, William
Howard Taft, Earl Warren, William O. Douglas, Oliver Wendell Holmes,
Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Hugo, Lafayette Black, Pontiac, Black Hawk,
Tecumseh, Osceola, Cochise, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph,
Crazy Horse, Hiawatha, Squanto, Sequoya, Daniel Boone, Paul Revere,
Davy Crockett, Christopher Kit Carson, James Butler "Wild Bill"
Hickok, Buffalo Bill, Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, Samuel Finley
Breese, Elias Howe, Alexander Graham  Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Lee De
Forest, Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, Amelia
Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, Joseph
Henry, John Bartram, William Bartram, Asa Gray, Luther Burbank, George
Washington Carver, John James Audubon, Samuel Pierpont Langley, Josiah
Willard Gibbs, Henry Augustus Rowland, Percy Williams Bridgman,
William James, Charles Sanders Peirce,  Josiah Royce, John Dewey,
George Santayana, Horace Mann, Henry Barnard, Charles William Eliot,
Noah Webster, Melvil Dewey, Thorstein Bunde Veblen, Talcott Parsons,
William Graham Sumner, Margaret Mead, Dorothea Lynde Dix, William
Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass Frederick Augustus Washington
Bailey, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan Brownell Anthony, Henry George,
Eugene Victor Debs, Jane Addams, Robert Marion La Follette, Roger
Williams, Jonathan Edwards, Elizabeth Ann Seton, William Ellery
Channing, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Mary Baker Eddy, Éleùthere
Irénée du Pont de Nemours, John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt,
Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpont Morgan, John Davison Rockefeller,
Andrew William Mellon, Henry Ford, Thomas John Watson, Washington
Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, William Hickling Prescott, John Lothrop
Motley, Francis Parkman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau,
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, William Dean Howells, Henry
James, Edith Wharton, Stephen Crane, Theodore Dreiser, Willa Cather,
Sinclair Lewis, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, William Faulkner, Ernest
Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Saul Bellow, Isaac Bashevis Singer, James
Thurber, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald,  Thomas Wolfe, Richard Wright,
Eudora Welty, John Cheever, Norman Mailer, James Baldwin, John Updike,
Philip Roth, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, Walt
Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robert Frost,
Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, Edward
Estlin Cummings, Hart Crane, Langston Hughes, Ezra Pound, Thomas
Stearns Eliot, Wystan Hugh Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell,
Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath,  Robert Penn Warren, Carl Sandburg,
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill, Tennessee Williams Thomas Lanier Williams,
Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, Neil Simon, John Singleton Copley,
Gilbert Stuart, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Winslow Homer, Thomas
Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Albert Pinkham Ryder, John Singer Sargent,
Frederic Remington, Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe, Thomas Hart
Benton, Charles Burchfield, Norman Rockwell, Ben Shahn, Mark Rothko,
Jackson Pollock, Andrew Wyeth, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns,
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Gaston Lachaise, Jo Davidson, Daniel Chester
French, Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson,  Isamu Noguchi, Henry
Hobson Richardson, Louis Henry Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis I.
Kahn, Eero Saarinen, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Edward Durrell Stone,
Philip Cortelyou Johnson, Ieoh Ming Pei, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams,
Margaret Bourke-White, D. W. David Lewelyn Wark Griffith, Sir Charles
Spencer Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, George Orson Welles, John Ford,
Howard Winchester Hawks, Frank Capra, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, John
Huston, Ethel John and Lionel Barrymore, Humphrey Bogart, James
Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Helen Hayes Brown, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford,
Cary Grant, Greta Garbo, Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Bette Ruth Elizabeth
Davis, Judy Garland,  Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, W. C. Fields
William Claude Dukenfield, Al Jolson, Jack Benny Benjamin Kubelsky,
Fred Astaire, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Phineas Taylor
Barnum, Edward MacDowell, Charles Ives, Ernest Bloch, Virgil Thomson,
Roger Sessions, Roy Harris, Aaron Copland, Elliott Carter, Samuel
Barber, John Cage, Leonard Bernstein, George Rochberg, George Crumb,
Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Stephen Collins Foster, John Philip Sousa,
George Michael Cohan, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George
Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Huddie Ledbetter, Bessie
Smith, Muddy Waters, Scott Joplin, James Hubert Eubie Blake, Duke
Ellington, William Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, John
Birks Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Bird Parker, John Coltrane, Miles
Davis, Artur Schnabel, Arthur Rubinstein, Rudolf Serkin, Vladimir
Horowitz, Jascha Heifetz, Benny Goodman, Paul Robeson, Marian Anderson
Maria Callas, Leontyne Price, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, George
Balanchine, Agnes De Mille, Jerome Robbins, Martha Graham, Ty Cobb,
Babe Ruth, Isaak Hayes and David Gaiman?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I hope you didn't mix somebody who is still alive in
this list and of course, I can't say this for all – but yes, I am sure
that the SEGNPMSS steals famous thetans after they dropped their
bodies and are planting them in German families so that Germany gets
the glory but also to control these famous thetans. As far as your
list is concerned, I am a 100% sure that they kidnapped thetan Dwight
David Eisenhower to claim him as their own and to control him as the
Nazis really hated that he defeated them during WWII. And that is not
all. They also plant their bad apple thetans into the USA. If a rotten
guy dies in Germany or other places on Earth, they plant those
perverted thetans in the USA so that he kills and perverts in the USA
and that they can blame the USA on it.
APP: A cold shiver run down my spine….
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Always remember, neither Ron nor I did invent this.
This is what  bad secret service doctors and psychiatrists do to the
thetan, spirit, soul, being, personality, orb in their labs when it
has no body. We need laws and law enforcement against these high
crimes. Kidnapping, perverting and destroying a thetan is the worst
crime in the universe.
APP: So thetans can be trapped?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, and not just that, they also can be destroyed.
And the broad public, all people on Earth have to understand what they
are and what their loved once are: thetans and that we need laws and
surveillance so that no good thetans are being kidnapped or
APP: Some people would say that they don't worry about this as God and
Jesus will protect them.
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I don't understand this attitude. Put yourself in God
shoes. Let's say, you always were good and did the right things like
God did. If you did all the time the right things, why should you be
condemned in all eternity to protect constantly people (most of them
sinners) by throwing yourself in front of them? God is a thetan too.
He deserves better than this. God has done nothing wrong, and God has
feelings and don't want to be the emergency ambulance for all time to
come. He wants people to understand so that they become better and
wiser and that they have to remove the rotten traps from the universe
instead of expecting by him to protect each individual sinner of what
he or she pulls in as overt motivator sequence, in other words penalty
for his or her own bad deeds.
APP: Some people left the Church of Scientology but acknowledge that
Scientology is a religion. They mentioned the 8th Dynamic and say that
L. Ron Hubbard basically said that certain things just can't be
BARBARA SCHWARZ: The 8th Dynamic is the so-called God dynamic in
Scientology. It is about the Supreme Being and what or who it is. As I
said, L. Ron Hubbard was forged many times and that includes writings
as old as the 50s and also earlier writings. If you knew L. Ron
Hubbard, you would know that he never asked to blindly believe but
rather to find out exactly. When you understood scientifically what a
thetan is and where they come from and when they go, there are great
chances that you will understand scientifically also what or who God
is and you do not just have to blindly believe. Some people believe
that all thetans in the universe unified into one being would be God.
But I experienced God as one thetan, an individual. He is very wise,
very good and very mighty. He does not want blind believer but that
people UNDERSTAND and CHANGE bad ways for good ways as it is the only
way to survive and be happy. God's mission for this world and the
universe is making everybody understand. The saying: "It is not for us
to know" is the most wrongful sentence ever.
APP: I consulted Goolge and found information about lecture SELF-
DETERMINISM ON THE DYNAMICS, dated 23. October 1951, and it says that
L. Ron Hubbard spoke about that 8th Dynamic, when he said: “… because
the eighth dynamic is faith. It is not even knowledge, and it is
certainly not ARC or understanding. It is faith; it is a static, and
in a complete static there is no understanding. The individual is
taught ‘You have to understand things in life,’ so he goes ahead and
tries to understand the eighth dynamic. But you can’t understand the
eighth—that is faith! You accept it. You don’t try to wonder about
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Audios, tapes, papers, photos, anything can be forged
and were forged. And don't forget, there was at least one L. Ron
Hubbard impostor who told and wrote nonsense. The real L. Ron Hubbard
was a scientist, he got to the bottom of anything. This statement is
out of character for L. Ron Hubbard. If you understand what a thetan
is and what a thetan can do, where a thetan comes from and where the
thetan goes and how many different qualities of thetans there are,
then you will start to understand what God is and you do not have
blindly believe like people in middle ages.
APP: Who on Earth is interested to conceal the truth about thetans and
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Those who want to do with thetans whatever they want.
After you or your family member left the body, you might be attracted
with all kinds of stuff, e.g. a tunnel and light, phony pictures of a
paradise, three dimensional traps and so on.
APP: A thetan is spiritual. Why can he be trapped? Why does he not
leave the trap?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Because a thetan exists of a tiny bit of matter and
he might think that he can't go through walls or can't leave a jail or
can't go through a wall of fire or can't win against that tractor beam
or the force that sucks him in like a vacuum cleaner. And he will be
constantly implanted with rolling tapes that say that he can't get out
of a trap, so he remains in the trap. And there are also traps that
make a thetan think that he is not in a trap. And those are the most
used traps for thetans. You fly there as thetan without body and will
be trapped in international medical laboratories controlled by the
SEGNPMSS. And why? Because nobody is looking for you. Your family is
clueless as to where you are and what you are now. Some think that you
don't exist anymore and some think you are in a better place or with
God in paradise. But none of it is true.
APP: Come on, Barbara, how do want to know all of that?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I just know. As a thetan I  know all the secrets. L.
Ron Hubbard said that a thetan basically knows things and that is what
I also discovered. The large majority of the public is completely in
the dark about what thetans are and where they go after their bodies
stopped functioning and that is why L. Ron Hubbard said that the
thetans must have the rights of people.
APP: But you don't know the whereabouts of Mark or Marty de Rothschild
also known as Marty Rathbun?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I know that he is not Mr. Texas and that the original
Marty is wrongfully incarcerated for crimes that he did not commit.
Once I figured out where he is being held, the SEGNPMSS transfers him
to another prison and that is why I did not get hold of him. But it is
a hell of a lot what I figured out just by applying that thetan
basically knows.
APP: Do you ever err?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, when I am under stress and when I have to do
many things at once and not enough time to think things through.
APP: What if I would say that this thetan/orb stuff is all nonsense?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: It is up to you but you would be a real dummy if you
would not film the dying as to see what emerges from that no longer
functioning body. It is as easy as that. If you don't want to give it
even a shot, I would say that you are an ignorant fool who never
figures out anything as you never try anything.
APP: But not all are thetans are being destroyed?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, but many are and you better make sure that it
don't happen to you or anybody you love.
APP: How can I prevent it?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: By telling everyone that the thetan leaves the body
and can be seen and that the thetan is what other people call orbs, by
filming the death of your loved family members and friends. If such a
thetan stays with your family and a new baby is born in your family,
that thetan that left grandpa's body, that thetan who is Grandpa might
want this body, and he could be born again after nine months. Then you
have him back. Wouldn't that be wonderful? No separation anymore ever.
No uncertainty, forever together.
APP: If what you say is true, how come scientists have not
investigated that subject?
BARBARA SCHWARZ: The world is not free. People's thinking is
controlled. Most "scientists" don't think for themselves but do what
their SEGNPMSS case officers radio them. They also might fear to be
shun by the also controlled science communities, those spineless
APP:  I never heard a Scientologist saying that the thetan consists of
a bit of matter.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Some of them do. And L. Ron Hubbard most of all
because he researched it. The thetan consists of a bit of matter that
you can't see with your normal vision. You need modern technology, an
excellent camera against a black background to see a thetan leaving a
dying body or to see thetans in your house, your garden, in the woods,
in the town, etc. The afterlife is nothing else but you having no body
and unfortunately consists of SEGNPMSS traps in which the thetan will
step. When you are the person who died, you will see your own body and
your family crying and hear what they are saying and you are trying to
get their attention, you will wave to them and say: "Hey, I am still
here, don't you see me?" But they won't see you as they have forgotten
to film how you left the body and now, they don't know where you

APP: If that would be true what you are saying, it would be amazing.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: It would make many people feel better if they would
know that their loved one did not die.

APP:  So, you think that an orb is a thetan?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yep, that I do. L. Ron Hubbard knew exactly what they
are: thetans without any bodies. And they come in all shape and forms
and sizes. The problem with the orbs is that people also faked them
and are making stuff up and once people see that, they dismiss also
the things that are true about them. L. Ron Hubbard said this more
than 50 decades ago already. He was the first who did not just notice
them but describe exactly what thetans or orbs are: it is us. People
who died  or people without bodies or also animals who died. And L.
Ron Hubbard said that thetans should have the same the same rights
like humans.

APP: I've watched some YouTube videos…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: There is a lot of crap on YouTube. Do not believe any
ghost and UFO story. But in some of these videos, they indeed captured
thetans without bodies.



Here you can see orbs close up. Interesting that many have forms of
planets, they are just as round.  But all do not look like that, they
come in different forms and sizes. Some look like a piece of cotton
candy just transparent. Wouldn't you like to know how you look like
without body?

APP: Sure I would. I could be a real bright one. But science did not
catch on…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Because they are mislead by their secret masters or
don't have the courage to go into the field as it would ruin their
conservative reputation in the world of scientists. But these cowards
are anybody's problem at the end. Their stupidity and/or  missing
courage results in no new knowledge that mankind needs.

APP: Thetans can be destroyed? You are sure of that?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, absolutely, they can be destroyed not just
driven away…
Just look at them. You can split these into pieces. I often wonder if
splitting of atoms is related to splitting of thetans. In some
European countries, people smoke thetans/orbs out of houses with
incent but worse can be done to them. Look at them. Bad people can
destroy these spiritual forms by taking them apart and implanting them
into even smallest life forms in which they don't want to be, like

Check this video out:


He shows orb pictures and points out that there are no orbs on him but
that there would be constantly an orb on a certain woman when he
photographs her. And I know exactly why. That thetan wants a baby
body. That woman could become pregnant, and the thetan will dive in
the pregnant body and hold onto that embryo until it is born as a
baby. The producer of this video says that orbs are mainly where many
people are and that they love parties. Well, thetans are people who
don't want to be lonely, so they go to parties even if they are not
invited. (Laughs)

These orbs exists and they are no dust, no reflection of light and no
water drops. Those are spiritual entities, called thetans. They are no
angles but dead people and they usually are born again by moving into
the body of a baby that is just conceived and will be born as babies
some months later. And then nobody will fear them anymore unless they
scream all day and night long and don't let Mom and Dad get any rest.
Unfortunately, they forget all about their spiritual life and their
past lives.

I don't think that the couple at the end of the video is "under
attack". She might plan to get pregnant and all of them want to get
the baby body and just one will get it. These thetans want to become
the baby of the couple. It must be a nice couple if so many thetans
want to become their baby.

APP: You are kidding me…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Nope. Here are more vids.



Here is a group of people with kids at nights somewhere in the
mountains. The kids play and sing and the orbs (thetans) are attracted
to their songs and fly to them. You would think that these entities
would fear people and go into hiding when many people sing and laugh.
Oh no! That is what they like, then they come and join the party!



APP: Those are UFO believers…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Some of these people who have seen orbs are also
saying that they saw UFOs and that makes people think that orbs are
science fiction but the orbs (thetans) are real. Some think that orbs
are extraterrestrials but they are basically the people who died
before on this planet and have no body at the moment.

They love music, arts, and people. Many don't  hide in attics or on
cemeteries but you will find there also many, the sad and depressed
orbs/thetans. But those who are better in shape go where  people are.
As more people as more they come.


SEGNPMSS kept the information hidden but it seems that they can't keep
it a secret any longer as too many people exchanged pictures of
thetans (orbs) on the Internet. And now, as the cat is more or less
out of the bag, there is a tendency by the SEGNPMSS to give credit of
any scientific explanation of the orbs to Germany, and I simply
protest against it because I know that L. Ron Hubbard was the first
one who did say that thetans (orbs) can be seen and their presences
can be measured and also that we have to respect the thetan (orb).

APP: Let's say you are right and a cloud emerges from the dying body
of my grandma but what's the use of it? She can't talk anymore, can

BARBARA SCHWARZ: You could agree to a sign language with your relative
before she dies. Once you have a camera and you see that cloud, ask
her yes or no questions. Yes could be jumping up and down and no could
be jumping from right to left or something like that. If she loves
you, she probably stays with your family and will take the next new
baby body that is available within your family or close friends. And
that's it for mourning, and grandma will be back and a handful once
she can crawl around.

APP: What if my grandma dies and I am not around to film her

BARBARA SCHWARZ: She might be still in the room and you could find her
even if you didn't see her emerge. I think many thetans stick long
enough around to see their funeral before they look for a new body.

I think slaughterhouses and turkey processing plants before
Thanksgiving could release lots of orbs that one can film but it is
possible that these orbs are smaller is size than thetans that had
human body.

APP: That is one creepy thought.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: They sure will not be that responsive. If a human
being dies who speaks your language, he or she will understand you
also if she or he does not has any body anymore. And if a pet dies, or
all these turkey thetans/orbs, they will react towards your approach
pretty much as they were turkeys. There are thetans or fractions of
thetans in those animal bodies. When the bodies are killed because
people want to eat their bodies, these thetans have to leave these
bodies, and you could detect them as orbs with your camera. These orbs
come in all kind of sizes.

If you go out and film the neighborhood and an orb does not respond to
you approaching a human, you could deal with an animal thetan and he
will not understand much of what you say, unless you say: "Get him,
Pluto, get him." He probably hopes that you throw him sticks that he
would  carry back to you but as he has no body, he can't pick up the

If I would die in China today and people would discover me on their
orb cameras and would try to talk to me, I would not be able to
understand what they are saying as I do not speak Chinese. But I would
be able to move up the sky in form of an 8, which has a special
Chinese significance but otherwise, we would not be able to make much
contact unless they would approach me in English or German.

APP: I will dream of this tonight…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Good, have fun! Remember, they are people or animals
and afraid of you just as much as people might be afraid of them.

APP: What if people want to capture them? Can they be captured by
regular people?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Thetans or orbs must have the same rights that humans
have. You are not allowed to capture a human, so do not try to capture
a thetan or an orb.

APP: There are a few scientists who wrote about orbs as Miceal Ledwith
and Klaus Heinemann. Here is a link:

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Mr. Ledwith is still uncertain what orbs are but he
admitted that they could be spirits of those who have passed or
wanting to be born in a body, and Mr. Heinemann, a Stanford researcher
said last year that he has no doubt that orbs may well be one of the
most significant ‘outside of this reality’ phenomena mankind has ever
witnessed. But I don't think that they recommend families to film
their dying relatives to see them depart to see where they are going
and to make sure that they are safe. What makes the most sense is not
recommended. What a strange planet.

APP: Thanks, Barbara. Please film my death if my family won't do it.
You make me feel safe.

BARBARA SCHWARZ:  I hope when it is your "turn" to die, it will be
mainstream that people know what they are and what their relatives
are, thetans also known as orbs and how they can make sure that they
do not go lost in some gruesome medical lab.

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