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Panasonic 1080p plasma line up

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Datum: 16.08.2007 23:51
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Panasonic has a new Full HD plasma line up for this year. This includes
their top of the line PZ750U series.

Panasonic 1080p plasma line up

The PZ750U series consists of a 50-inch TH-50PZ750U, 58-inch TH-50PZ750U &
the 65-inch Panasonic TH-65PZ750U.

All have a Full HD native 1920×1080p resolution, with a so-called Studio
Reference Mode, which helps to provide the consumer with the exact color
reproduction as seen on the reference monitors used in the film editing
studios, which means you will see the exact same colors & expression
intended by the film makers themselves.

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