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Issue Regulations: Operation Shiny Bayonet

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Issue Regulations: Operation Shiny Bayonet

Awarded For Service During the Operation Period, 10 October to 25 November 1965, Vietnam.

Annoying hit-and-run enemy attacks throughout South Vietnam required the Commander In
Chief to order all American civilian family members to leave Vietnam. In response to
persistent enemy harassment This Operation was initiated to provoke
the enemy into standing and fighting. The result of ensuing engagements dramatically
eliminated many enemy personnel and, for a time, caused a cessation of enemy harassment.

More info: http://www.amervets.com/replacement/shiny.htm#isr

NOTE: Eligible personnel should ensure this Acknowledgment is listed on your current 201A
Military Award Report:  http://www.amervets.com/201areq.htm (or... amervets.com/201a)

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