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Ensure all of your Military family member's awards are listed

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Ensure all of your Military family member's awards are listed

Many military documents and files were accidentally destroyed in military custody over the
years. Since 1988 The War Library has been tasked to recover and restore every possible
military document and ensure that the fullest possible record
of authorized military awards are acknowledged to the recipient.

Whether or not one or more of your military family members is deceased you should agree
among your relatives to assign a military historian for the family. Ensure that all of
your military family members are listed and all, or as many as
possible, of their acknowledgments are listed. Below is a sample military listing in the

Register: http://www.amervets.com/registry
Database: http://www.amervets.com/library
Award Report: http://www.amervets.com/201areq

CPL Philip G Le Donne, Korean War, US Army

Phil's Authorizations and Acknowledgements:

Advanced Individual Training
Appreciation of Honorable Service
Army Installation Assignment; Camp Kilmer
Army Installation Assignment; Camp Pickett
Army Unit Service Acknowledgement, 7th ID
Army Unit Service Acknowledgement; 32 IR
Basic Training
Cold War Medal
Cold War National Security Alert; Death of Josef Stalin
Cold War National Security Alert; Dien Bien Phu Service Period
Cold War National Security Alert; Korean Cease File Service Period
Combat Medical Badge
Combat Medical Unit Streamer
Conspicuous Service Cross, NY
Conspicuous Service Star, NY
Domain of the Golden Dragon
Enlisted Promotions (3)
Expert Rifle; Korea Combat Theater Field Test
Far East Command, FECOM
Fulfillment of Military Service Obligation
Good Conduct
Honorable Service Lapel Pin
Korea Combat Campaign: Summer 1953
Korea Combat Campaign: Third Winter
Korea Svc, Korea
Korea Svc, United States
Korea, 60th Anniversary Commemorative
Korea, Belgium Medal of Volunteers (USA/USMC)
Korea, Belgium UN award
Korea, French UN award
Korea, Greece Gold Medal for Bravery
Korea, United Nations award
Korean War Operation, Battle of Outpost Harry Service Period
Korean War Operation, Battle of Pork Chop Hill Service Period
Korean War Operation, Battle of the Hook Service Period
Marksman, Bayonet
Marksman, Grenade
Marksman, Rifle
Meritorious Unit; 7th ID GO 106,51
Military Service Discharge
National Defense
Navy Unit Commendation
Ocean Crossing/Geneva Convention
Operation Ajax Service Period
Ordeal of Old Baldy
Order of the Bayonet
Overseas Service Bar
Presidential Unit Citation (Navy), Korea; GO 22,56; 32 IR
Presidential Unit Citation, Korea
Presidential Unit Citation, US; GO 38,57; 7th ID
Professional, Medical
Purple Heart
Sharpshooter Rifle, Cp Pickett 1952
Ship, Boat Service
Training Completion
Wound Chevron

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