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Issue Regulations: U.S. Forces, Guam

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Issue Regulations: U.S. Forces, Guam

Authorized For Assignment in the Territory of Guam or surrounding waters.

Guam is believed to have been settled 4,000 years ago by descendants of Japan, however,
occupation may have occured as far back as 25,000 years. European colonialism began in
1668 with the arrival of Spanish settlers. The United States took
over Guam during the Spanish American War in 1898. Guam is the largest island in
Micronesia and the only American-held island in the region before World War II, Guam was
occupied by the Japanese in December 1941, and was subject to fierce
fighting when American troops recaptured the island in July 1944. Today, Guam's economy is
mainly supported by tourism (primarily from Japan) and United States military bases. Guam
currently serves as the largest American buildup of
military personnel and materiel on the globe in anticipation of possible conflict China
which is rapidly expanding its regional military capabilities.


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