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Veterans are forgotten only by personal or family choice...

Von: Otis Willie PIO The American War Library (themilitarytoday@pacbell.net) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 03:55
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Veterans are forgotten only by personal or family choice...

Although many military records have been forever lost both officially and by family
members, no veteran and no veteran's family member can today claim a veteran has been
forgotten. The International Military Personnel Database, online since
4 July 1988, ended the alibi that any veteran is "forgotten". Today, and since
1988, veterans are forgotten only by personal or family choice.

The American War Library was established in 1988 as the first, centralized online
(Telenet/Sprintnet/Milnet) database to collect, display and preserve the names of every
person (of every nation) who served in uniform since the Revolutionary
War. On September 19th, 1990 the Library's Personnel Database moved to intenet access.
Most listings come from military resources, but the names and info lost by the military
can only come from veterans or their family members.

If you served in the military, or if you have a relative who served, you are forgotten
only if you choose not to be recorded and remembered. Your or your family's military
history as well as military photographs can be forever preserved for
international viewing whether for personal, research or genealogy reasons.

So if you ever hear any veteran claim that they or their war or their generation has been
"forgotten", tell them that they are forgotten only because they choose not to
be remembered... forever.

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